Johan Last updated / Published Oct 14 · 2021
Rocket League Mastery: An Introduction To Movement

Movement is a core component of playing Rocket League that is essential to being a good player. It is relevant to almost every aspect of playing the game and dictates how efficient and quick you are at being where you want to be.

The broad category of movement can cover several concepts like Basic Flips, Half Flips, Wave Dash, Landing Powerslides, Chaining Movements and much, much more. In this guide, we'll cover some of the basic elements to get you started.

Let's begin!


The first thing that you should be aware of is that practicing movement takes a fair amount of time. It's not something you can master in just a couple of training sessions. You need to be constantly aware of it and work to improve on it every second you play.

This requires setting goals for yourself. One of the problems new players and those stuck at a certain rank face is that they don't know what they're lacking and what they should improve on. It also doesn't help when you set unrealistic goals like "getting to x rank" in a short period of time, because you lack direction in such a scenario.

Sometimes, this also creates a false perception in players that they need to be an explosive, mechanically proficient player that's making insane moves all the time. That is absolutely not true. The important part is to have a strong grounding in the fundamentals.

That's why guides like this, and more to come on our website, will help you understand what goals to set and step-by-step directions of how to reach them. Just remember, the journey gets better when you have fun along the way!

Basic Flips

One of the simplest ways to move around the pitch is the Basic Flip. It's a move you're expected to make almost a hundred times in a particular match, sometimes even more. But just because it's a simple move doesn't mean you can't go wrong with it.

A Basic Flip is when you double tap your jump in conjunction with a directional command to flip in that direction and get a boost of speed as a result. It allows you to traverse the field quicker and reposition yourself to where you want.

The biggest mistake players make during a Basic Flip is to not follow up the first jump with the second one immediately. If you delay the second jump even a little, it slows down what could potentially be a good flip that gives you a decent burst in speed.

A good way to practice flips is to aim for boost pads in free play. Turn off unlimited boost in the options and try to make it so that you're constantly moving around the pitch with boost but never run out because you're able to pick up all the boost you need. Don't cheat by picking up big boosts! Make it a challenge by only picking up small boosts and see how long you last!

Half Flips

Half Flips are an incredibly useful tool to remove yourself from a sticky situation and reposition quickly to get back in the action.

Often times, new and amateur players don't know how to change the direction of their car, for example, when stuck inside the goal. They'll either reverse out, try to make a hard turn in an awkward way or jump backwards and turn slowly mid-air. All of these moves are quite inefficient.

Instead, you should use Half Flips. It is basically the same as when you perform a double jump like in a Basic Flip, but cancel it halfway through. Going back to the above example, if you want to quickly get yourself out when stuck inside the goal, doing a Half Flip is the fastest way.

One thing you should understand is that Half Flips basically reverse the direction you're going in, while a Basic Flip keeps you pointed in generally the same direction. That's why Half Flips are recommended to get yourself out of a tight corner after a misplay or potentially chaotic situation.

It is also why Half Flips are more useful going backwards than forwards. Remember the simple steps, double jump to perform a flip, cancel it halfway and then roll your car over to continue moving in the opposite direction. That's it!

The road to Supersonic is a tough one, but you can make it shorter and easier if you keep your head in the game and follow the advice that professional players give you. Keep your goals in mind and practice hard. You'll get there sooner than you think!


Anomaluna is a writer/editor working in the field of esports since 2017. Primarily known for making quirky guides and writing articles about Dota 2, they’ve also found a passion for Rocket League.

When not studying the meta or updating one of their guides to the latest patch, they like to learn and talk about politics and philosophy.

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