Johan Last updated / Published Dec 01 · 2021
Rocket League Mastery: Advanced Guide On Boost

In today's article, we'll explain everything you need to know about boost. How to manage boost, which patterns to follow to pick up boost and how to preserve as much boost as possible. It is always important to have enough boost because you need it to make plays.

Boost management is a lot more important than people give it credit for. That's why newbies will use too much boost for small plays, or just use it when they simply don't need to.

Let's see how we can fix that.

Boost Management

First and foremost, the core tenet of boost management is to never use boost when you don't need to. Now, that might sound simple, but figuring out when you need to use it and when you don't is the tricky part. Though there are some things that you should keep in mind.

For example, if you're the 3rd man, you're never going to use as much boost as the 1st or 2nd man. But even in the other positions, you should try to conserve boost as much as possible. Even when making a play, don't use all your boost unless absolutely necessary.

We’ve covered some common mistakes and basic rules that you need to be aware of in the following sections.

Boost Pickups

Rocket League is a team game, and part of that means to make plays that are not only detrimental to your opponents but also favourable for your team. 

One aspect of that is thinking about how and when you pick up boost. If you're maxed out or high on boost, don't splurge it all at once and rush to get the next full boost pickup. Instead, try to go for the ball and make a play. If you need more boost at all, go for the small pads.

As such, you need to be conscious of not stealing boost from your teammates but only from your opponents.

Something that new players don't acknowledge is that mini pads are, in fact, a lot better because they give you a lot more options on where you can play or which path you can take. It's a good idea to practice these paths, like right down the middle or between the middle and side boost pickups. Using just these pads can give you enough boost to make just about any play.

If you really want to get good, try to play only with mini pads in a couple of matches. It's not as hard as it sounds, just focus on the 3 paths down the middle and you'll be fine.

Boost Usage

A common mistake that you can learn from is using boost when coming down from an aerial. Players will often use boost both when going up and coming down from an aerial, which usually ends up expending all their boost. Remember, don't use boost while coming down unless your team ABSOLUTELY needs your help immediately.

At other times, a really good tip is to use wave-dashing and flipping when you're at a good speed. It helps you maintain it without using additional boost. This also goes for supersonic. Some players tend to waste their boost to keep that momentum instead of just flipping and wave-dashing.

To practice boost management, you should play ranked 3v3 matches, as that's the most competitive mode where you're going to be challenged. Try to keep your boost above 20-30 at all times. Your singular focus should be on boost and boost only, so don't try to practice or learn anything else while doing this.

That's all for now! We hope this guide helped you, even if just a little bit, to better your understanding of boost usage and management. Stay tuned for more such guides!


Anomaluna is a writer/editor working in the field of esports since 2017. Primarily known for making quirky guides and writing articles about Dota 2, they’ve also found a passion for Rocket League.

When not studying the meta or updating one of their guides to the latest patch, they like to learn and talk about politics and philosophy.

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