Johan Last updated / Published Sep 20 · 2021
Rocket League Basics: Three Types Of Shots You Need To Practice

In this article, we're going to explain the 3 basic shots that you need to learn to strengthen your fundamentals in Rocket League.

When it comes to shooting, often times players will rush too far and try complicated stuff before identifying their core strengths. It involves learning the different shots, understanding what separates them and a lot of practice. This lesson is aimed towards Gold and Platinum players and is crucial for those who wish to climb up higher in rank.

The Basic Shot

Mid-ranked players may feel like practicing the basic shot isn't worth their time, however, it is extremely essential for players of all tiers.

It helps you learn how to control you speed of approach, how much to boost and serve as a simple exercise in target practice. Just open up a free play session and reset the ball. Approach it headlong and boost just a tiny bit before you reach it. The ball should enter the opposing side's goal without bouncing on the ground.

Watch your speed, as going too fast means that your shot will not be on goal. At first, you want to focus on hitting the very center. Consistency is the key, and that's what we're practicing for. Later on, you can add complexity to your practice, like a jump, or hitting either the left or right side of the goal. Remember to do all these separately. Practice means to be able to hit the same desired spot over and over again. It makes you capable of scoring a goal in an actual match no matter the situation. You'll be able take an opportunity before your opponent can even see it coming.

The Bounce Shot

The next thing you want to practice is the bounce shot. Once again, open up free play and this time, bounce the ball on the side wall before jumping and hitting the ball for a score. This allows you to use the momentum of the ball in your favour. To make it easier, flick into the ball on the scoring shot. This speeds up the ball even further and makes it harder to defend.

Now, there are two ways you can go about this. You can do a front flick, which is easier to do and ideal for practice at the beginning. It gives you a good amount of speed, but can be easy to predict. Alternatively, you can do a left or right flick, which is harder to predict for a defender. It doesn't give as much speed as a front flick, but it can allow you to aim a bit better and be a bit more unpredictable. Practice this for just 5-10 minutes every day before jumping into a ranked game.

Double Jump Aerial Shot

Finally, there's the double jump aerial shot. This is a bit harder to execute, so it is recommended more for platinum rank and above players. When in training mode for aerial shots, just practice your aerials first. Perform a double jump and try to stay in the air. Watch your control and see how the car reacts to your input. Keep giving small bursts of boost and try to keep the car in the air for as long as possible.

Next, practice for the actual shot. Start with a run up to gain some speed, double jump to catch air, lean backwards to point the nose of your car up and then give it a little boost. You want to try and hit the ball with the angle of approach in mind, as we're aiming for a goal. Mastering this basic concept is the first step to becoming a good player. In an actual game, you may not always hit the ball on goal. But if you're able to at least predict its trajectory and make contact with it, then it’s a step in the right direction.

Being able to hit the ball while it’s in the air is easier when its stationary compared to when it’s moving. So, you want to keep it simple at first. Later on, you can add flips and steep angles to see how far you can push yourself. You can also try and practice high-altitude aerials later on, which can be quite difficult to score with. Once more, don't rush to try everything at first. Go step by step and practice each type of shot for a good deal of time. Do this every day before playing your first ranked game and see your performance gradually improve!

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