Johan Last updated / Published Oct 05 · 2021
How To Shoot Like A Pro In Rocket League

If you've managed to reach the Champion rank, congratulations! But the journey doesn't end here. We want you to get better and better at Rocket League. So today, we will be explaining three shooting concepts that you need to learn, practice and implement in your games.

Let's see what they are.


This is a high-level shot that you'll need a ton of practice to master. Redirects are basically when a teammate passes you the ball and you hit it while in the air, without touching the ground, and towards the goal to score. To practice this shot, use the Redirect Consistency training pack by Wayprotein. 

A redirect shot is generally at a high speed, above 100 kilometers per hour. That's one of the reasons why it’s so tough. But don't fret! Even if you can't hit the shot consistently during practice mode, it’s good enough if you can just make contact with the ball at the start.

The ball will usually approach at a very steep angle to you, so often times, just a small touch can send the shot on goal. And if you want to improve your aim, you can try using air rolls while practicing for redirects. This ups the difficulty level of the shot, so if it’s not for you, feel free to skip it.

A redirected corner shot is almost impossible to save because of its speed and unexpected angle. Once you're comfortable with simple redirects, try to increase the complexity of the shot by always aiming for the top-left or top-right corner. You'll need to react before the ball has even reached you. So, the secret to getting this shot is staying consistent, confident and just making the attempt even if it seems like you won't make it.

Air Roll Shots

As discussed in the first section, air rolls can be used during redirect shots to improve your aim. But there’s a lot more to them than that.

If you've only just reached Champion level, you should know that every player in this bracket and above uses air rolls. This also includes professional players. So, it’s something you'll need to learn and get comfortable with eventually.

One of the biggest advantages to using air rolls is that it helps you maintain your car control. This technique can also help you send the ball in a direction where you otherwise wouldn't be able to. Which means, if you want to aim the shot at a very steep angle where a flick wouldn't send the ball towards the goal, using an air roll will do exactly that. Want to send the ball to the right? Roll left. Want to send the ball to the left? Roll right.

Don't overcomplicate things. Air rolls are difficult, but you shouldn't make it harder to execute than it already is. Most of the times, you only need a little bit of air roll to correct your position and hit the ball at the right angle.

But if you're at supersonic, take your time in training mode and practice a bunch. But, make sure you configure your button for air rolls before you start practicing. By default, it is set to Square or X. But high-level players often change it to L1 or LB.


Lastly, let's talk about backboards. This is something you're going to start seeing more at Grand Champion, but it's good to be aware of it and understand it at Champion level as well.

When the ball approaches at a very high altitude towards the goal post, you need to hit it in such a way that it forces the ball down and into the goal. This is called a backboard shot. It is very hard to execute, as even professional players don't always hit the shot on goal with backboards consistently. Also, it’s fairly easy to defend by an average player. So as long as you can hit the shot on goal, you should be proud!

Furthermore, performing an air roll during a backboard shot is basically a given. It helps you point the nose of your car down, hit the ball at a steep angle and change its course to a desirable point. Take your time to think and slow down a bit as you approach the ball. In contrast to redirects, backboards are slower as you don't want to hit the ball at too much speed.

These are some relatively difficult shots and concepts to learn, so don't be too frustrated if you can't get the hang of them at first. Take your time, be calm and patient, and reward yourself every time you're successful. We believe in your potential, and so should you!

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