Iceiceice DOTA announcement

iceiceice Announcement

Jonas Dota 2

When we said 2020 will be an insane year for GamerzClass about 2 months ago, we were dead serious. We intend to work only with the top 100 most influential …

Top CSGO updates you need to know

Top CS:GO Updates You Need To Know

Jonas CSGO

CS:GO February Updates Review Counter Strike Global Offensive is one of the best competitive shooters available on PC. First released in 2012, CS:GO has garnered a reputation as one of …

Fortnite Ultimate Update Guide

Top Fortnite Updates You Need To Know

Jonas Fortnite

Fortnite Updates – Latest Patch V11.50 Review Following tons of complaints about Fortnite’s overly competitive and repetitive state, Epic Games released a new patch in a spirited attempt to make …

Cr1t- teaches DOTA 2

Cr1t- Announcement

Jonas Dota 2

It is no secret that we’ve been looking to expand our Dota 2 portfolio at GamerzClass. It was important for us to follow up on our course with x2 TI …

Tekkz teaches FIFA 20

Tekkz Announcement

Jonas FIFA

Starting the year in style, we are proud to announce the greatest FIFA acquisition possible and we’re happy to present you guys with the most hyped player in the scene …

Jensen teaches League of Legends

Jensen Announcement

Jonas League of Legends

We’re starting 2020 with the right foot forward as we are extremely happy to announce that we have teamed up with arguably the best League of Legends mid laner in …

Rush teaches CSGO

RUSH Announcement

Jonas CS:GO

The whole entire team at GamerzClass is very proud to present to you: William “RUSH” Wierzba – The ultimate Entry Fragging Course. Some people enjoy playing the AWP and some …

NBK teaches CSGO

NBK Announcement

Jonas CS:GO

Nathan “NBK” Schmitt is one of the most famous CS:GO players and have played for prominent teams such as VeryGames, Titan, LDLC, EnvyUs and G2. He’s been a part of …