Daniel Winkel-Pedersen
Daniel Winkel-Pedersen Last updated / Published May 22 · 2020
The Top 5 Junglers in League of Legends Season 10

The jungler role is highly tactical in nature. As a jungler, a large part of your team’s overall performance rests on your shoulders.

To truly excel in the jungle, you need a champion who’s built for the task, here are five of the best;



Ekko has been on the receiving end of a bunch of buffs over the past season that has transformed him into somewhat of an all-rounder - allowing him to exert his influence across different stages of a match.

In terms of sheer Jungle clearing abilities, few champions are on par with Ekko.

His W, Parallel Convergence, releases a chronosphere at a particular location which slows enemies who enter into it by 40%.

Ekko can take advantage of the ability even further by entering into the sphere to stun the enemies for a couple of seconds.

His E, Phase Dive, is excellent for ganking in the early game as it allows him to dash across distances pretty quickly while dealing bonus magic damage on his next basic attack.

Ideally, the best summoner spells to use with Ekko are Flash and Smite.

Flash allows Ekko to move across distances instantaneously - it's arguably the most used summoner spell on LOL due to its invaluable ‘Blink’ ability.

Smite on the other hand allows you to deal true damage to monsters and enemy minions, making it perfect for a Jungler like Ekko.

Few champions offer the same amount of control and sheer influence that Ekko brings as a jungler - you won’t regret making him your main.


Elise is one of the most unique champions on the roster. She has the ability to switch between human and spider form, with both forms boasting their own unique skill-sets.

Elise hasn’t been on the receiving end of major buffs in season 10, but because of the complexity of her skill set, she remains one of the best champions on the roster.

Elise’s spider form is melee ranged. It boasts high mobility and grants her the ability to spawn ‘spiderlings’ which deal damage to enemies while also acting as healing agents.

Her human form, on the other hand, is a ranged champion. Being able to switch between both forms offers you a ton of flexibility in-game.

Elise’s early game is immense - it’s probably the best thing about her.

She’s able to set-up some incredible ganks with her E, Cocoon/Rappel in the early game, which stuns enemies for two seconds, allowing you to take advantage of the stun with your high burst abilities.

Her W, Volatile Spidering, allows you to poke enemies, allowing you to pose a threat from a distance before team fights break out.

Elise is a complex champion to get used to due to her high skill ceiling, but take some time to get used to her abilities, and you’ll find yourself dominating the jungle in no time.



After receiving a rework in the 10.6 patch, Wukong transformed into one of the most META champions of season 10.

He’s been the subject of a few nerfs since the 10.6 patch, but he remains a powerful champion and one of the most effective junglers to main within season 10.

Wukong is easy to use and he boasts a skill set tailor-made for ganking.

It’s worth noting that his true ganking potential doesn’t really come out until he hits level six, but once it does, he becomes borderline unstoppable in the jungle due to his ‘tricky’ abilities.

The most effective way to gank with Wukong is by utilizing his W, warrior trickster, which allows him to create a decoy of himself to draw an enemy in.

Immediately after creating the decoy, Wukong turns invisible, allowing you to capitalize on the opening you’ve created with his W by executing his E, Nimbus strike, and his Q, crushing blow in quick succession to deal a lot of damage.


Master Yi

An important aspect of playing as a jungler is farming, and that’s something Master Yi does incredibly well thanks to his jungle clearing Q, Alpha Strike, which offers him a speed boost and makes him untargetable while also allowing him to deal damage to multiple enemies at a time.

You’ll use his Q a lot throughout the course of a match as it’s great for ganking and escaping due to its speed boost.

To get the most out of his Q, you’d do well to equip the Lethal Tempo rune as it allows you to reset your Q faster than normal giving you the opportunity to utilize it more.

His W, meditate, isn’t great for trading, but it grants him sustain in the early game - due to its usefulness compared to his E and R, you’re better off maxing it out last.



Zac is one of the best engagers on the LOL roster.

In fact, when playing with him, the onus will be on you to do most of the engaging while making the most of his E, Elastic Slingshot due to a combination of his effectiveness in 1 v 1 situations and his insane engaging abilities.

Elastic slingshot allows him to launch himself towards a target location, dealing magic damage to all the enemies he hits while also knocking them back for a period of time.

The best way to make the most of his E is by utilizing the ability when enemy champions are in close proximity to each other.

While he has his shortcomings in 1 v 1s, his ability to engage makes him great at ganking and jungle clearing.

You can’t go wrong with Zac as your main.

If you want to learn how to become a better jungler, we recommend you start watching “NicoThePico” Gameplan: Jungle Lesson on how to cover the jungle and lead your team to victory!


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