MTE Last updated / Published May 05 · 2020
The Top 7 Best LOL Teams In The World

Here’s a comprehensive look at the best professional League of Legends teams in the world at the moment;


Gen G Esports

Gen G Esports put on quite a show at the LCK Spring tournament in April, finishing in second place following a 3-0 defeat to T1 Esports in a best of five final.

Notwithstanding T1s dominant win, Gen G enjoyed a superb run throughout the tournament, a testament to their stance as one of the most exciting teams in the LOL scene.

Gen G currently boasts a 57% all-time win rate and a GG ELO rating of 1175 putting them in 10th place on our list.


Top Esports

Formerly known as Top Sports Gaming, Top Esports is one of the fastest-growing Esport teams in China.

Founded in 2017, Top Esports has a 56% win ratio and an ELO rating of 1200.

Top Esports most recently pulled off an upset against Invictus Gaming in the LPL Spring 2020, securing a place in the finals of the competition.

They boast a diverse roster featuring players from not only China but South Korea as well, showcasing a strong bond between two of Asia’s biggest Esport nations.



Fnatic is one of the biggest Esport organizations in the world, boasting world-class teams across a range of games, including League of Legends, where they have grown into one of the most dominant forces in Europe.

Fnatic etched their name in LOL history by winning the Riot season 1 championship in 2011, cementing their reputation as a global powerhouse in the LOL Esport scene.

They currently have a 65% all-time win rate and a 1202 ELO rating putting them amongst 10 best LOL teams in the world today.


JD Gaming

JD Gaming has been one of the most consistent LOL outfits in 2020. They most recently pulled off an incredible upset against the 2019 world champions FunPlus Phoenix in the LPL semi-finals.

They dominated the entirety of the tie, winning 3-0 in the best of 5 series, booking their place in the final against Top Sports.

They breezed through April with a 100% win ratio and they currently boast a GG ELO rating of 1209 - JD Gaming are by far one of the most exciting Esport teams to watch this year.

Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming is one of the most successful Esport teams in Asia.

They won the 2018 world championship in dominant style, defeating European side Fnatic 3-0 in the grand final, after pretty much breezing through the previous rounds.

Invictus was so good that their win against Fnatic is the third-fastest best of 5 series in LOL Esport history.

IG is yet to reach the heights they attained in 2018, but they remain one of the best LOL teams in the world, boasting an ELO rating of 1238.


FunPlus Phoenix

In 2019, FunPlus Phoenix left Paris with $834,375 after being crowned world LOL Champions, cementing their status as a LOL powerhouse in not just Asia, but the entire world.

Despite succumbing to a disheartening defeat against JD Gaming in the LPL playoffs, FunPlus Phoenix remains one of the most revered teams in China thanks to its trophy cabinet.

With a 1248 ELO, FPX is ranked as THE best LOL team in China.


Cloud 9 Gaming

Cloud 9 gaming, at the moment, is the best LOL team in North America. They won the LCS Spring 2020 tournament following a 3-0 victory over FlyQuest in a best of five series.

Their road to the final was by no means easy as they secured wins against NA powerhouses 100 Thieves and Evil Geniuses en route to winning the tournament.

They currently possess a 1261 ELO putting them right above any other team in NA.


Kingzone DragonX

Originally founded in 2010, Kingzone DragonX is one of the biggest Esport teams in Asia.

DragonX put up an incredible showing in the LCK Spring 2020 tournament before getting knocked out by the eventual winners SK Telecom T1 following a 3-1 loss in a best of five series.

As things stand, DragonX is regarded to be one of the best LOL outfits in South Korea, boasting a 75% all-time win ratio alongside a 1268 ELO.


G2 Esports

Rebranded from the name ‘Gamers2’ back in 2015, the 2019 world championship finalists currently sit atop the European leaderboards as the best team in Europe as their 1297 GG ELO suggests.

The German side won the LEC Spring 2020 tournament with a solid 3-0 victory over their rivals Fnatic Gaming, setting them up for a strong year in the LOL scene.


T1 Esports

Three-time world champions SK Telecom T1, have ascended to the top of the world LOL leaderboard with a 1307 ELO.

T1s current standing can be attributed to their success at the LCK 2020 tournament where they beat Gen G Esports 3-0 to claim the top spot in the tournament.

They currently boast an insane 74% win ratio, which is crazy considering they’ve played a total of 325 professional LOL games since their inception.

No other team has won more world championships than T1 (2013,2015 and 2016), they are truly monsters among men.

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