Why does my Dota 2 MMR keep dropping?

Why does my Dota 2 MMR keep dropping?

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Dota 2 has a way of classifying players by awarding MMR to each player. The matchmaking is done according to this number. You always connect in a game where all others fall into the same bracket of your MMR. Each ranked match of Dota 2 increases or decreases your MMR. Winning a solo ranked match gives you +30 MMR while losing one takes away 30. Similarly, winning a party ranked match gives your +20 while losing takes 20 away. A lot of players complain about losing MMR all the time and it becomes impossible for them to pick up their MMR ever again. Here are some of the reasons that your Dota 2 MMR keeps dropping.

Playing more Frequently on bad days

Everyone witnesses bad days in life. In Dota 2, this happens as well. If you are a Dota 2 player, you know that sometimes there comes a day when you keep losing all the games. We wouldn’t blame you for that as it happens to everyone. However, if you keep playing more and more that day, then you are to blame for your loss. If you don’t want your MMR to decrease rapidly, you need to stop playing Dota on a bad day. Take a break or quit the game for a day or more.
Similarly, just like bad days, you also cross through good days. On such days, you must play more and more to increase more MMR.

Playing while tired

One of the possible reasons for losing MMR in Dota 2 is because you are mostly playing the game when you are tired. Most of the players play Dota 2 at night time. This time is specifically chosen for gaming when a person is done with all other activities. Unfortunately, if you are one of them, then you are picking the wrong time for yourself. Most of the time, when you queue for a match at that time, you are already really tired.
To use less energy you try to pick the easiest heroes instead of picking the real counters, and eventually lose the game. You also lack giving your best performance as you may not be able to focus in the game as it requires. Therefore, don’t ever queue for a ranked match when you feel tired as you wouldn’t be able to focus on the game as it requires.
Also, tiredness could be linked to the number of hours of play. If you are a true Dota 2 fan, then you must know that six hours is an average time for a Dota player to play in one day. However, exceeding this time limit makes you a little tired. So, if you have already been playing for more than six hours, don’t queue for a ranked match as your performance will drop for sure.

Queueing at Bad time

Each server of Dota 2 has its own prime time. If you are a struggler in Dota 2, don’t queue for matches at your server’s prime time. There are high chances for you to get newbies in your game. The best time to queue for a ranked match can be between 9 AM to 5 PM. This time covers all of the schools, offices, and other jobs. During this time, there is always less burden on the game and most of the noobs are out of the league.
Similarly, refrain from playing ranked matches on a public holiday. There are high chances that you will get noobs in your team as the traffic in the game is high these days. Playing on business days also makes a difference. You need to find the best hours in your particular region to get better players in your team and improve your MMR.



Not using the Mute feature

If you are having bad days in Dota 2, you might be getting a lot of flaming from your teammates. However, if you are not muting them, you are making a big mistake. Toxicity can easily divert your attention away from the game and can put you in a situation where making a comeback is not possible. Dota 2 provides a feature of muting the players in your team as well as enemy teams. You can mute the voice chat as well as normal chat. If your teammates are not supportive and flaming you for no reason, you should mute them immediately and focus on your own game.
Toxicity can put you under an unknown pressure you wouldn’t even know. In the urge of performing better and showing to your teammates, you might make the wrong decision. That is why muting the toxicity is highly important.

Picking too fast or slow

If you are continuously losing MMR in Dota 2, it might be because you are picking heroes at the wrong times. You are either picking a hero way too fast, or you are delaying too much that you lose a lot of gold. For a ranked role match, if you are entitled to play offlane, you must pick your hero in the first three turns. However, there are players who pick offlane heroes in the first turn and the opponent team picks up a counter. That is why picking too early is not good for your ranked matches.
Similarly, if you received support as your role in the game, you must decide your hero in the first two attempts. Delaying that pick might make your team suffer. As the carry will have to pick before you and the enemy team might counter him.


Dota 2 MMR has been an issue for millions of players. A lot of players left the game because they couldn’t do anything about their MMR. However, there are players who have raised their MMR from nothing. If you keep losing your Dota 2 MMR, you must be doing something mentioned above. Let us know if you know any other possible reasons for continuously losing MMR in Dota 2.


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