The top 7 end-game midfielders to sign

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Seven End-Game Midfielders To Sign On Ultimate Team

With the FIFA 20 cycle set to come to an end in the next few months, now’s the best time to start building your end-game team. If you still haven’t got to check out our FIFA 20 in-depth courses, now is your chance!

On that note, here’s a look at seven end-game midfielders you could sign on Ultimate Team;

TOTS Paulinho

Price: 617k coins

TOTS Paulinho is one of the most underrated midfielders on Ultimate Team.

He’s massively underused due to his small pool of options regarding chemistry links, but if you’ve got a couple of icons or a squad full of Brazilians, then you’d do well to add Paulinho’s TOTS card to your squad.

One of Paulinho’s key qualities is his versatility – he’s capable of being deployed as a defensive midfielder, a box-to-box midfielder, or even an attacking midfielder due to his solid combination of stats.

He’s got 92 dribbling, 85 pace, 94 shooting, 89 passing, and 95 physical. There aren’t many midfielders better than Paulinho at this stage of the game.


TOTS Renato Sanches

Price: 550k coins

Renato Sanches was one of the most dominant midfielders in Ultimate Team back in FIFA 17- but since then, he’s struggled to earn himself a solid card.

That struggle has now ended following the release of his incredibly overpowered TOTS card boasting stats that can rival literally any other midfielder in the game.

He’s got high/high work rates which give him an inclination to make attacking contributions to your team while also maintaining his defensive duties.

A shadow chemistry style would grant Sanches 99 pace and 95 defending – asides those stats he’s got 88 strength, 94 dribbling and 93 shooting making him somewhat of an all-rounder.


TOTS Frenkie De Jong

Price: 649k coins

Barcelona’s Dutch prodigy Frenkie de Jong earned himself a 94-TOTS card thanks to his exploits for Barcelona in the La Liga this season.

He has another 94-rated version (TOTY) on the transfer market, but his TOTS card has slightly better stats despite having a similar rating.

Standing at 5’11, De Jong doesn’t quite have a towering frame, but he’s tall enough to make his presence felt in the midfield.

With 92 agility and 87 balance, De Jong is a very good dribbler. You’ll be able to dribble past players with the Dutchman pretty easily by simply using the left analog stick.

For just 602k, you’d do well to add De Jong to your squad.


TOTS Radja Nainggolan

Price: 650k coins

For the past few iterations of FIFA, Radja Nainggolan has been the go-to midfielder for Serie A or Belgium-based squads – FIFA 20 is no different.

Nainggolan is an immense midfielder. He’s capable of making insane passes thanks to his 90-rated passing stat, he poses a major threat in front of goal thanks to his 89-rated shooting stat and he’s able to provide your team’s backline with some additional defensive cover thanks to his 93-rated defending stat.

If you’re keen on signing a multi-faceted midfielder – then Nainggolan would be perfect for your team.


Prime Icon Moments Socrates

Price: 900k coins

Standing at 6’4, Socrates is a giant in-game. He’s incredibly difficult to get past, and he’s able to win pretty much every aerial duel he contests due to his massive frame.

You can count on him to make significant contributions to your team in the attacking third thanks to his solid combination of stats which includes 96 pace with a hunter chemistry style, 96 finishing, and 93 passing as well as a five-star weak foot.

At this point in the FIFA cycle, Socrates is one of the few icons worth getting.


TOTS Aouar

Price: 258k coins

TOTS Aouar is an all-action midfielder who boasts solid stats across the board. Despite costing just 247k coins, he’s by every definition of the word end-game.

Aouar’s dribbling is next-level, he’s got 95 agility, 96 balance, 93 reactions, and 99 ball control. He’s capable of dribbling the ball past multiple players at a time, while also boasting the ability to make incredible passes thanks to his 95-rated passing stat.

You won’t regret sticking Aouar into your midfield.


TOTS Sergej Milinkovic-Savic

Price: 200k coins

Boasting a towering 6’3 frame and 99 strength, TOTS Milinkovic-Savic is by far one of the most physically dominant midfielders on Ultimate Team.

He’s capable of pushing literally any player off the ball, making him an essential asset in the midfield.

With a shadow chemistry style Milinkovic-Savic becomes borderline unstoppable, considering the chem style will grant him 94 pace and 97 defending – enough for him to make your midfield extremely difficult to penetrate.

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