Dota 2 - The Art of Creating Space

The Art of Creating Space

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Dota 2 seems like a pretty straightforward game with only one objective, destroy the enemy’s throne. However, there are plenty of phases through which every player has to go through in order to claim victory in a match. Multiple factors join together to make a game winnable. Apart from the player’s performances, everyone should learn some mechanics of the game through which winning is easier. Creating space is one of the phenomena that is highly compulsory to win a game. Before we move any further, let’s get to know what creating space means in Dota 2.

Creating space

In each game of Dota 2, there are roles assigned to the players. Each role performs its duties in order to contribute into the match. For example, a support role player would buy the wards and smokes to initiate gank. Similarly, a support player will always prefer the escape items. A carry in the game holds a significant presence. In other words, most of the time, the game falls down to the carry and he has to perform. 

Creating space in Dota 2 means that letting your carry farm as much as possible. Also, protecting your carry from enemy;s ganks. This is done in the early phase of the game when the carries are also vulnerable. You can create space for your farming ally through different ways. 

Distract the enemy with something else

Creating space is an art that everyone could not understand. You can distract your enemy with different events to let your team’s carry farm as much as he can. The distraction mainly occurs when you try to push the lanes to take the towers. Most of the time, the enemy team comes to resist and take several fights. If you join the fights without your carry, you can still manage to take advantage as in the early phase of the game, all heroes are almost equally powerful at that time of the game.

Create stacks for the Carry

Creating space also includes feeding your farming carry as much as you can. If you are playing a support role, you must learn how to create stacks in the jungle for the carry. Not just this, you should also help your carry in farming the jungle camps more fastly. The faster the carry farms, the more chances you have to dominate the game and lead to a victory. 

Don’t let the Carry die

In the starting phase of each match of Dota 2, killing an enemy core is a very big thing. As you eliminate a farming player for some time from the map. During that respawn time, you carry is doing just nothing but wasting time and spectating teams performance. Therefore, not letting the carry of your team die is a big responsibility, the whole team shares into it.


Force enemies to a specific point in the map

Creating space also includes your carry farming alone in any lane of the map. All you can do is bait your enemies to a specific location and then wait for them to show up. As the enemy gets under your bait and gathers at some specific point, your team’s carry can farm in the opposite part of the map. Therefore, baiting your enemies to get them distracted from your carry is quite the easiest way to create space.

Die if you are dying

If you are having an awful lane in a Dota 2 match and your team’s carry is happily doing the lane, then this is called space creating. Your dying is not as important as the carry who has to farm and win the game. If you think that you are dying in a team fight, go for it as soon as your carry is farming happily. 

What pushing does?

When you are having a bad game of Dota 2, you can always hope and look forward to your carry to make you win. Pushing early in a game creates a big difference for the enemies. Approximately three players notice while you push a Tier 2 tower. Hence, you have grabbed the attention of three out of five players on the map. Now they will definitely haunt you down till you are dead. Their moving out of the lanes, give you a heavy advantage of farming without any fear of being ganked. 

Hence, early pushing in a Dota 2 match is one of the reasons you hold strong control. 

Controlling the map

Pushing more gives you more control over higher areas. You can instantly push out by wiping out the whole creep lanes in a single go. You should also take fights where your carry is not farming at all. There are plenty of heroes available in Dota 2, who fit the criteria of pushing the game very fastly. For example, Nature’s Prophet is one of the best space creators in the game, in our opinion. As with NP, you can easily teleport to any part of the map. Most of the players secure the highest courier killing sprees through Nature’s Prophet. The teleportation can easily help with a fast push. Similarly, there are more map controlling heroes in Dota 2.


Creating Space in a Dota 2 match is one of the most essential parts. You can easily win a losing game if you let your carry farm in peace. Dota 2 is not just destroying the throne, but there are plenty of other mechanics that a player should learn. Distracting the enemy team is one of the best ways to create space. Baiting the enemy also falls under the same heading. If you successfully bait the enemy to leave your carry alone and focus on you, then you have created a lot of space for him. Learning these small details in the game are very important as these are the only ways through which you will improve your game. Space creating is a phenomena that everyone should understand in Dota 2. 

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