Team Secret is on fire in current Dota 2 scene

Team Secret is on fire in current Dota 2 scene

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Team Secret is dominating the Dota 2 current pro scene as it wins the seventh straight title. This insane run started from the beginning of this year and it still continues. There is no team that could manage to stop Team Secret from its unbelievable journey. Team Secret kept its form in line as it secured the latest Omega League: Europe Immortal Division. A full month of high-level competitive Dota 2 represented that Team Secret is currently playing on another level and there is no other team that could meet that level.

Team Secret’s run at Omega League

Team Secret represented an outstanding performance at the Omega League 2020. The team dropped two matches only. The first loss was against Team Liquid on 16th August during the group stages. After that, Team Secret won all the matches it played. The team closed the group stages by topping the table and a 10-1 score.
After the group stages, Team Secret faced Evil Geniuses in the playoffs. It came as no surprise that Team Secret kept its form alive and pushed EG to the lower brackets by taking a 2-0 victory. The team moved to the upper bracket finals where it faced Team OG for the second time in the same event. It was the second time when Secret lost a match during the whole tournament. Besides the loss, Team Secret managed to push OG to the lower bracket finals as they secured a 2-1 victory.
The team faced Team OG in the grand finals and swept the series for its seventh straight title.

The Finale

Team Secret took a 3-0 victory over Team OG in the grand finale of Omega League. The first game was a little tough as OG gained an advantage for some time. However, Team Secret turned the game around and secured victory. After the first game, every other game started becoming more easier for Team Secret as it stomped OG in just 22 minutes in the last game.


Game 1

Secret gave the chance to pick IO in the first game. However, Puppey didn’t disappoint with his exceptional drafting skills. He chose Faceless Void, Kunkka, and Sand King for his team to prevent immediate gank by OG. During the first game, OG kept control until mid-game. However, Secret turned this around by winning multiple late-game team fights. Eventually, Secret pushed OG to call out GG in 40 minutes.

Game 2

During game 2, Notial tried to take back the lost control of the team. OG tried their famous Tiny combo. However, all of OG’s plans went down to trash as Puppey’s last pick for Nisha, Outworld Devourer, made their combo look so weak. After the first game, OG never took the lead in the finale as Secret just kept on winning the team fights. The Lifestealer by Matumbaman vanished OG’s dreams to take game 2. In the end, OG accepted defeat in just 29 minutes.

Game 3

Game 3 looked like a total Secret’s show. From the very beginning of the game, Secret took the lead. Puppey didn’t want to push the finals to another game so he gave Matumbaman his signature hero, Lone Druid. Team Secret dominated each and every lane of the map. Earth Spirit and Nature’s Prophet let Team Secret attempt multiple ganks on OG. In the end, it looked like the game went out of OG’s hands. The last team fight between both teams at the Roshan pit totally favored Team Secret. Eventually, OG called out GG and Secret secured the grand finals in just 22 minutes last game.

Secret’s Record

With the seventh straight title of the year, Team Secret has now set a record for winning seven grand finals without dropping a game. To do so, the team has beaten world-class teams like Natus Vincere, VP.Prodigy, Nigma, Alliance, Team Liquid, and Team OG. The team is currently in another form that no other can achieve. Lucky for other teams that this year’s TI is not announced yet or Secret would have taken the biggest title of the year with it as well.
With the victory at Omega League, Puppey and his teammates take $200,000 home and maintain their position as the best Dota 2 professional team in the world.

Secret’s 2020

The year started with Team Secret entering Dream League Dota 2. The team’s run at the tournament was exceptional and eventually, Secret beat Evil Geniuses in the grand finals to take the title. After that, Team Secret played in ESL One Los Angeles where it faced Ninjas in Pyjamas in the grand finals. Team Secret easily won the finals and secured the second title of the season.
It became a hype when Team Secret managed to win the third straight title of the year. At the GWB 2020, Team Secret faced Natus Vincere in the grand finals. Team Secret showed no mercy to Navi as it secured a 3-0 victory in the grand finals to win the third straight title. The team’s excellence didn’t just stop. The team faced Team Alliance in the grand finals of the ESL One Birmingham. Just like before, Secret crushed Alliance with a 3-0 victory.
At the Beyond Epic 2020, Team Secret faced one of its strongest competitors, Team Nigma in the grand finals. It was surprising to witness that Secret secured a 3-0 victory in this final as well.
All of these teams managed to come to the finals but Team Secret had different plans for them.
With the victory at Omega League: Europe Immortal Division, Team Secret set a new record of winning seven straight tournaments.

Secret’s Future

With this form, Secret is definitely going to win several upcoming tournaments for Dota 2. The Omega League Season 2 is expected in October and Team Secret is all set to win it as well. If Team Secret kept on playing at this level, it would be no surprise to witness it winning a TI.

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