Seven Players You Need To Have in Your FIFA 21 Starter Squad

Seven Players You Need To Have in Your FIFA 21 Starter Squad

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Unless you intend to spend a ton of money on FIFA points, you’re going to need a relatively cheap starter squad to play with when FIFA 21 gets released, on that note, here’s a look at seven OP players that you should strongly consider buying for your starter squad when the game rolled out on October 9;

(CM) Marcos Llorente

Marcos Llorente could turn out to be the Spanish Moussa Sissoko in FIFA 21. The Atletico Madrid man has one of the most impressive midfield stats in the Spanish top-flight.

Standing at 6’0 and boasting 84 pace, 81 dribbling and 81 strength, Llorente has all the makings of an overpowered central midfielder.

The Spaniard would be an absolute brick wall in your midfield set-up – there aren’t many midfielders who would do a better job than him in the first few months of the FIFA 21 cycle.

(ST) Rodrigo

Over the years, Rodrigo has gained a reputation for being one of the most overpowered and inexpensive strikers on FIFA – and judging by his stats in FIFA 21, he looks set to boost that reputation even further.

The Spaniard secured a move to Leeds this past summer, so Premier League fans will now be able to use him in an EPL based squad.

Rodrigo is 6ft tall, possesses 91 pace and has 80 finishing – a decent combination of stats for a starter striker.

If you apply a sniper chem style on Rodrigo, you’ll be able to increase his finishing to 95, which will allow him to consistently score goals for your Ultimate Team.

(CB) Presnel Kimpembe

The most important stats for a centre-back are pace, defending and physicality – and despite being an 81-rated player, PSGs Presnel Kimpembe has a solid combination of those stats.

With a shadow chemistry style, Kimpembe will possess 85 pace, which is enough to keep up with most attackers in the game. A shadow chem style will also grant Kimpembe 92 interceptions and 88 defensive awareness, essentially turning him into an elite defender.

You can’t go wrong with Kimpembe in your starter squad – just slap a shadow chemistry style on him and watch him defend like an icon.


(LW) Ousmane Dembele

Dembele will probably be slightly more expensive than your typical starter player, but trust us when we say he’ll be worth every coin you spend on him.

The Frenchman was one of the most effective wingers in FIFA 20 and judging by his stats, he’s set to continue that form when FIFA 21 rolls out.

He’s got a five-star weak foot, a five-star skill rating, 92 pace and 86 dribbling. He’s lacking in the shooting department as he’s got just 75 finishing but with a sniper chemistry style you’ll be able to increase his finishing to 90.

(LB) Jerome Roussillon

Wolfsburg’s Roussillon looks like he’ll be one of the most OP left-backs in the game. The Frenchman boasts 88 pace, 76 defending and 76 physicality.

With an anchor chemistry style, you’ll be able to boost his pace to 93, while also boosting his defending and physicality to 85 and 81 respectively.

(RB) Kevin Mbabu

Mbabu was one of the most revered right-backs in FIFA 20 due to his pace and strength, and judging by his stats on FIFA 21, he’ll be a popular pick when the game rolls out in October.

The Swiss right-back is 79-rated in FIFA 21, but he boasts 89 pace and 81 physicality and those stats will allow him to perform like an elite right-back in-game.

If you’d like to boost Mbabu’s pace to 99, you’d be able to do so with a shadow chemistry style.

(CAM) Quincy Promes

With 89 pace, 85 agility and a five-star skill rating, Quincy Promes could turn out to be one of the most inexpensive OP players in FIFA 21.

The only downside to his card is the fact that he plays in the Eredivisie – but if you can find a way to link him in your first-team squad, or even use him as a super sub, he could turn out to be a real asset for your Ultimate Team.

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