Seven End-Game Strikers to Sign On FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

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With FIFA 21 on the horizon, now is a perfect time to build your end-game teams on FIFA 20.

The Team of the Season promo has flooded the market with a bunch of incredible cards, a lot of which are now very affordable with approximately three months left in the FIFA 20 cycle.

On that note, here’s a look at seven end-game strikers, under 2million coins to sign for your team;


TOTS Robert Lewandowski

Price: 1.3m coins

Robert Lewandowski has enjoyed a phenomenal campaign for Bayern Munich in real life this season, leading them to their 8th Bundesliga title in a row while scoring 31 goals in 29 appearances.

His incredible showings for Bayern earned him an incredible 99 rated team of the season card on FUT – making him one of 10 players on the entire game to receive a 99 rated card.

Being 6’0 and boasting 96 jumping, Lewandowski poses a major aerial threat as he’s able to leap higher than most defenders in the game.

He’s got 94 pace, 99 shooting and 97 dribbling, making him one of the deadliest end-game strikers you can buy on the transfer market.


TOTS Sergio Aguero

Price: 1.2m coins

If you’re running a Premier League squad, then there’s no better striker to have in your team than TOTS Sergio Aguero.

The Manchester City man has it all – he’s lightning-quick (95 pace), he barely ever misses (97 shooting), he can take multiple players on in one go (98 dribbling) and he’s a hard man to shrug off the ball (89 strength).

Boasting a four-star weak foot as well as a four-star skill rating, you’ll be able to wreak havoc on your opponent’s backline with Aguero running the show in the attacking third.


TOTS Timo Werner

Price: 940k coins

Timo Werner has been an overpowered player since the start of the FIFA 20 cycle due in large part to his pace and finishing.

His 83-rated base card had 92 pace and 86 finishing – and that was enough to score goals against some of the best defenders in the game.

If his 83-rated card was so OP, Imagine what you can do with his TOTS card which boasts 99 pace and 99 finishing alongside a ton of other juiced-up stats.


TOTS Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Price: 900k coins

Standing at 6’2 and boasting 99 pace, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is a powerhouse upfront. He’s got stats in all the right places – he’s fast, strong, and skillful.

Aubameyang’s TOTS card is unique – tall players typically have low agility and balance, but Aubameyang boasts 90 agility and 80 balance, making him incredibly nimble with the ball at his feet despite his height.

With an engine chemistry style you’ll be able to boost his agility and balance even further, taking both stats up to 95 and 91 respectively.

For under one million coins, Aubameyang’s Team of the Season card is a must-have.


TOTS Lautaro Martinez

Price: 800k coins

Lautaro Martinez is one of the most in-demand players in the world right now. He’s scored 11 goals for Inter Milan this season and he’s sure to score a lot more for your Ultimate Team.

TOTS Martinez draws parallels to his countryman Lionel Messi – they don’t feel exactly the same on the ball, but Martinez feels almost as fluid as Messi with the ball at his feet – and he’s a lot stronger too, thanks to his 98-rated physicality stat.

Asides his physicality, Martinez boasts 99 finishing, 96 pace and 99 agility – you won’t regret adding him to your squad.


TOTS Richarlison

Price: 1m coins

TOTS Richarlison is one of the best Brazilian cards on FIFA 20.

The Everton man has a five-star weak foot which allows him to pose a potent goalscoring threat from multiple angles, he also boasts a four-star skill rating allowing him to perform a bunch of useful skill moves to dribble past your opponents.

In terms of stats, EA didn’t hold back when they included Richarlison in the TOTS promo – he’s got 95 pace, 97 finishing, 94 dribbling and 91 strength, making him more than capable of leading your team to glory in the Weekend League.


TOTS Erling Haaland

Price: 520k coins

Erling Haaland earned himself an insane 95-rated TOTS card following his exploits for Salzburg and Dortmund throughout this season.

Standing at 6’4, he’s taller than most centre-backs – his height coupled with his impressive 84-rated jumping stat makes him unstoppable in the air.

He boasts 97 pace, 99 finishing, and 89 passing allowing him to link up quite nicely with his teammates in the attacking third.

With 86 agility, Haaland is pretty nimble on the ball considering his height, but you could give his agility a little +5 boost with an engine chemistry style to make him a better dribbler.


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