Mid-Lane Mastery: How To Play The Late Game

Mid-Lane Mastery: How To Play The Late Game

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The late game is the most action-packed part of any DOTA 2 match and it is also the most difficult. There are so many decisions being made in real-time to the point where one mistake could turn out to be a catalyst for victory or a catalyst for defeat.

Due to how tricky the late game is, DOTA players tend to make mistakes that cost them the entire game – because of that, we’ve partnered up with Team OG’s star midlaner, Topias Miikka “Topson” Taavitsainen to teach you how to play the late game effectively.

Here are four of his most important tips for playing the late-game;

Be Careful With Your Positioning

The late game is a chaotic period where more players look to execute kills and make plays. This is because by the time the late game begins, pretty much every hero in the game will have reached a level high enough to consistently seek out kills.

Amid this chaos, you need to be careful with your positioning in a bid to avoid getting caught by multiple enemies or roped into an unfavorable matchup.

On that note, you need to constantly read the map to have an idea of your enemy’s location so you can position yourself accordingly and have the best chance of winning the game.


Capitalize On Your Kills

If you manage to get a kill in the late-game you should never go back to farming, instead, you capitalize on it and either make a move to complete an objective like Roshan or even flat out make a move to win the game.

It’s tempting to farm in the late game, but you need to take advantage of any piece of momentum your team can get their hands on, and securing a kill can be all the momentum that your team needs to take a crucial step towards winning the game – don’t waste that momentum or else your enemy could make your team regret it.

Communication is Key

There’s a chance that waves will force your team to split up in the late game, but even when that happens you and your teammates need to be in constant communication so you can execute plays as one single unit and take out enemy team members.

The late game is a pretty dynamic period so communicating with your teammates allows you to plan strategies in real-time and capitalize on the chaos on the map.

Define Your Team’s Win Condition

A win condition is a point in a match where a team will try to end the game by gunning for a win.

A lot of times, your team’s carry will be responsible for defining your team’s win condition and leading your team towards that win condition. However, there are times when you as the midlaner will be in charge of directing the team towards the win condition.
In that situation, you need to communicate clearly with your team exactly and put a plan in place to avoid getting ganked or killed in order to be able to lead them towards the win condition that you’ve laid out.

If you want to learn more from the 2x TI winner himself, we suggest you start watching his 4-hour masterclass

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