Learning the Correct Itemization on a Support

Learning the Correct Itemization on a Support

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Dota 2 divides every game into some roles that players select to get into the battle. These roles are actually defined as a Carry and a Support. The players with respective roles play their parts in the game to win the battle. In most of the games, it looks like the carry wins the game. However, it is not the real case. The support in the game plays a vital role to save the carry a lot of time and help them carry on farming fast. Leaving the farm for the carry doesn’t mean that support should not even get a single last hit and just roam around the map.

A support player should also get some farm when the carry is not around in the lane. As the battle moves to the mid-game action, support must have proper items to play his role in the game. Learning itemization is Dota 2 is a proper skill as every match brings different scenarios. Being Support in the game, here are some of the things that you should do to learn the correct itemization in every game.

Read the Guides

The first and foremost thing that a player should do in each game is to read the guide provided by professionals. As you decide to pick a hero in the pick phase of the game, you must read all the guided items provided by the professionals. We would never suggest you follow the guides blindly. However, in most cases, these items work. 

These guides help you throughout the game. The game professionals have divided the guides according to the time and situation in the game. The guide clearly shows the early-game build and which item suits in the late-game. A player can easily follow these guides according to the time in the game. 

Being Support in the game, there are not too many item guides available for a player. As support focuses on saving the carries most of the time. However, a late-game item guide can help a player in many different ways. Therefore, we would suggest you follow the professional guides in each game and read why they have mentioned that particular item at that time. Slowly and Steadily, you will learn how to correctly itemize your hero.

Analyze the Picks of the Enemy

During the Pick/Ban phase of the game, analyze the enemy picks very carefully. If you are playing as support, you must make your mind during the Pick/Ban phase which items are you going to go for. 

For example, if you feel like the enemy team has too much burst damage and your carry might face trouble in standing in the fights, you should go for Glimmer Cape and different Healing items. This is how you will help your carry by healing him in the fights or glimmering him to safety. 

Similarly, if you feel like the enemy team has too many spells to cast and they won’t let your carry perform in the fights properly, you should go for a Lotus Orb. It looks like the item is too expensive and support usually doesn’t get enough farm, you should always queue the item and try to farm. Who knows that you will get enough farm and would be able to save your team.

Therefore, looking at the enemy picks should always give you an insight into your item-build in the game.


Look at your Laning phase

During the early laning phase of the game, support usually tries to deny the ally-creeps and keep the enemy heroes away from the carry as possible. Being Support, it is your responsibility to check your laning phase and queue for the items respectively. If the lane is not going so well and your carry is taking a lot of hits, you must buy as many healing items as you can. This is how you can help your carry stand in the lane and farm to the full. 

The laning phase in Dota pretty much decides the result of the game. If you feel like you are winning the lane, you must queue for the aggressive items like Aghanim Scepter or Meteor Hammer. Similarly, if you feel like you are losing the lane and your carry’s farm is at stake, you should always get some defensive items like Glimmer Cape or Guardian Greaves. 

Play Without Guides Sometimes

In order to learn the tricks of correct itemization on a support hero, you must also try and play without the guides in the game. We are not suggesting you turn off the guides on your first try. However, as you start learning the trick and understand each items’ use in the game, you should try and play some games with the guides off. This will give you complete freedom in the game to choose your build for yourself.

As your guides are gone, you will analyze the enemy heroes by yourself and make a decision according to the situation in the game. This trick will eventually help you turn off the guides completely and just know the correct items for the present situation in the game. 


Dota 2 is a game full of surprises and unlimited combinations. Every match in the game provides a new scenario for the players. As you enter the battle, a new combination of heroes faces you. In this case, correct itemization becomes very difficult for players to learn as the same build of item-set never helps in each game. 

Therefore, learning the correct itemization on a specific role is the most important part of the game. We have analyzed some of the best ways to learn this beautiful trick of learning and have mentioned 4 different ways to do so. The most important points in this scenario are that a player should play with the guides and analyze the enemy team. 

Correct Itemization on support matters too much as a support player holds the back of the carry to win the game.

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