League of Legends updates you need to know

Top League of Legends Updates You Need To Know

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League of Legends 10.5 Patch Review

League of Legends is by far the biggest MOBA game on the planet. It paved the way for a ton of other MOBA games to come into existence, serving as somewhat of a point of reference in terms of the sort of gameplay mechanics, Esport scene and whatnot, a game in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre should boast of.

Since its initial release in 2009, Riot Games have relied on regular patches to remove any gameplay bugs, keep the game’s content fresh enough to retain its player base and bring in some new active users.

Just last week, the 10.5 patch was released, making some changes to the effectiveness of certain champions on the game – amongst other things, here’s a comprehensive review of the new patch;

Buffed Champions

Following the new patch, a number of champions have experienced an increase in their effectiveness, here’s a look at them;

  • Alistar – Increase in base health from 575 to 600. A somewhat marginal increase, but a decent one nonetheless. Also, Alistar now has the ability to gain new stacks once triumph stacks are consumed.
  • Graves – Increase in base magic resist from 30 to 32. Reduced the cost of Graves’ Q to 60 mana while also reducing its cooldown time.
  • Kai’Sa – Decrease in Kai’Sa’s Q AP ratio and an increase in her W base damage granting her +0.7 ability power and +1.3 total attack damage.
  • Kayn – Increase in passive orb gain – unlike before Kayn’s passive orb gain increases every second after 5 minutes and flattens out after 13 minutes.
  • Lissandra – Increase in Q AP ratio from 0.7 ability power to 0.8 ability power.
  • Neeko – Increase in attack speed growth from 3% to 3.5%. Increase in E AP ratio from 0.4 to 0.6 ability power. Increase in R Shield from +0.5 ability power to +0.75 ability power.
  • Sivir – Increase in Q damage. Sivir’s minimum movement is also now scalable.
  • Sona – Increase in base attack damage from 45 to 49. Also an increase in AD growth from 2 to 3. Sona’s E movement speed has also been increased to 20% and is now static.

Nerfed Champions

A bunch of champions was nerfed on the 10.5 patch. Here’s a look at them;

  • Amumu – Amumu’s R cooldown has now been increased early, reducing his effectiveness compared to the previous patch.
  • Bard – Reduction to passive chime damage from 15 to 12, making him less suitable to high-level play compared to the 10.4 patch.
  • Blitzcrank – A small, barely noticeable reduction to his base armor from 40 to 37.
  • Ornn – Ornn experienced a decrease in his passive empowered damage while also receiving an increase to his weapon auto-upgrade level from 12 to 13.
  • Rammus – Decreased base attack speed ratio from 0.656 to 0.625.
  • Sett – Decrease to Sett’s base armor (37 to 33), health regen (8 to 7) and health regen growth (0.75 to 0.5).


Eternals are now available following the 10.5 patch. You can get starter series Eternals with Blue Essence, while Series 1 Eternals are only available for RP in-game.




Bug Fixes

Here’s a look at the major bug fixes for the 10.5 patch;

Scoreboard Glitch

Back on the 10.4 patch, the game had a glitch where hovering over the Drake Ocean’s Soul would cause the game to hitch for a quick second – sometimes more. This has now been fixed on the new patch allowing for a smooth gaming experience for the LOL player base.

Grayed Out Summoner Names

The new patch has fixed an issue where players’ summoner names get grayed out if they’re still in the lobby when entering the end of the game screen.

Death’s Dance’s Fatality

Death’s dance’s last tick of stored damage now completely clears out the target champion’s HP.

Lethal Tempo

Following the new patch, Champions that have lethal tempo equipped will now gain bonus AS after engaging enemy champions regardless of whether the enemy champion is shielded or not.

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