How to Make The Most Of EA Access Ahead of FIFA 21’s Full Release

How to Make The Most Of EA Access Ahead of FIFA 21’s Full Release

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FIFA 21 is set to be released worldwide on October 6, but FIFA fans will be able to play the game a week before its full release thanks to the 10-hour trial that comes with being an EA access member.

In case you don’t know, EA Access is a service that grants its users access to select pre-release titles created by EA. It has other perks but its main draw is the fact that you can play the new FIFA for 10 hours before its official release date.

These 10 hours, if used right, can give you a massive head-start on the game – especially considering the fact that it gives you access to the full game.

So here’s a look at how to make the most of the 10-hour trial;

Reduce Your Time On The Transfer Market

As tempting as it might be to start buying and selling players on the transfer market, you should restrict your transfer market activity in order to maximize your 10 hours.

By the time the 10-hour trial is available, the FIFA 21 web app will have already been released – so you should focus on completing SBCs and using the transfer market with the Web App instead of doing that on the 10-hour trial.

Remember, the trial only lasts for 10 hours, so you can’t afford to spend a chunk of that time on the transfer market.

That being said, if you’re going to use the transfer market during the 10-hour trial, you should focus on sniping players instead of trying to win trades on open bid.

It is much easier to snipe players on the transfer market than it is on the Web App – and it could turn out to be more profitable than executing normal trades.

In case you don’t know what ‘sniping’ is – sniping is the act of acquiring players for cheaper than they usually cost by using a ‘buy now’ filter lower than their actual market value.


Complete Objectives

While the web app is great for using the transfer market, it doesn’t allow you to complete gameplay objectives – and that’s where the 10-hour trial comes in.

With the 10-hour trial, you should spend some of your time trying to complete gameplay objectives as these objectives typically have useful rewards – these rewards are usually packs, coin boosts, items, and special players.

The coin boosts are particularly important as they will allow you to make an extra 1k coins per game – which adds up to a decent amount of coins after a while.

Spread Your Gameplay

Don’t waste time admiring FIFA 21s new user interface – you’ll have plenty of time to do that when the game gets officially released – instead, you should spend most of your time grinding the game.

Spread your gameplay across Division Rivals and Squad Battles instead of sticking to just Division Rivals because as boring as Squad Battles may be, it is a great mode for getting some useful pack rewards early on.

These pack rewards will give you a massive head start going into the first Weekend League, so be sure to spread your gameplay.

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