How to Lane Properly in Dota 2

How to Lane Properly in Dota 2

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Dota 2 is one of the most complex games in Esports. Once you get into a game, it seems pretty straightforward. However, there are tons of things that you might need to know in order to perform better in your games. Killing the throne gives a simple vibe, but to do so, you need to perform better in the whole game. The best way to achieve that is to make your laning phase stronger. 

What needs to be done?

After learning each and every item and hero of the game, you need to focus on other mechanics of the game. Having a good laning phase somehow provides you the result of the game. Most of the time, a good laning phase eventually lands them victory. It is highly rare when someone is having an awful laning phase and eventually wins the game. Let’s get into the main discussion and know about a better laning phase in Dota 2. Remember that this might differ in other times, as multiple updates change the game completely. 

The Laning Phase

For a regular Dota 2 player, the laning phase begins when the creeps spawn. To some extent, it is true. However, the laning phase begins when you pick the heroes and the game starts. There is a period of around one and a half minutes where you can decide which lane you are going to. During this time, you can place wards to get the vision in the specific part of the map. If you have taken the support role, you can help your team with a smoke gank in the early stages. We have seen a lot of pro games where the whole team goes for a smoke in the first minute of the game. Whatever the circumstances are, always take advantage of that short time you get at the beginning of the game. You should also keep in mind that your initial steps might differ according to the role you are playing. For a carry, you might want to rush to your lane and get the creep control. 

Get the Items

Before you start your laning phase, you must buy some items. There was a time when players used to go blank in the lane and get the items from the side shop. However, as these shops are now removed, you must not go blank into the lane. 

The starting items totally depend on the role you are playing in the game. If you have selected the support role, you must have the support items. These items can be HP regens, Mana regens, Observer and Sentry wards, Smoke of Deceit, and a stick to move better into the lanes. Similarly, if you have chosen the carry role, you should always go for stats building items. These items may include Bracer, Null Talisman, Wraith Band, or some branches. A carry can also take some HP regen items. You can carry a set of Tangos or a Healing Salve. Sometimes, playing as a core, you might run out of gold in your lane. You can also get a tango from your teammate. In short, you should always have some healing items at the beginning of the game. 


Handle the Courier

In the recent patches of Dota 2, Valve has removed the one-courier facility for the whole team. In the new patch, every player has his own courier. However, this amazing feature comes with a price. As you have your own courier you have to take care of your courier by yourself, especially in the early phases of the game. If you lost your courier in the early game, you might face trouble in getting your items in time and eventually get out farmed by the enemies.


As you are done with the purchasing of the items and have finally reached a point where the Creeps face each other, your laning phase actually begins. The laning phase is different for each role in the game. We have separated these roles in the form of core and supports.

Laning for Core Heroes

Core heroes include the safe lane, mid-lane, and offlane heroes. Mid-laner is kind of the most important role in the game. If a mid-laner fails, there are high chances that the whole team will fall with him. To perform better in your mid-lane, you must learn how to take more last-hits. This can only be done by playing more and more Dota 2. Similarly, you also need to stop your enemies to take the last hits. You must also not use the ‘Auto-attack’ feature for farming. Sometimes, auto-attack pushes the lane in the early phase, which causes you a lot of gold.

The safe-lane carries should not join the early team fights of the game. You should always give yourself a little time while you farm and make your items. Once you are done farming, then you can jump in and start helping your team. You should try to farm under vision as well.

The off-lane role also holds its own position. The basic purpose of this lane is not to die a lot. Also, grab all the farm you can in the lane to ruin the enemy’s game. 

Laning for Support Heroes

For a support player, there are two kinds of roles, hard support, and soft support. The Hard support role sometimes becomes very annoying for a player. However, soft support carries a lot of responsibilities with him. You have to be a harasser, spacemaker, and pacemaker for the carry. Soft supports should also provide detection by placing as many wards as they can.

If you are playing soft support, you should never stay in one lane, in the early game. Gank as much as you can to gather some big kills on the map. Most of the time, soft supports include lock-down heroes. As soft support, you should secure as many early kills as you can. Harass your enemy as much as you can and travel through different lanes as well.

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