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Fortnite Updates – Latest Patch V11.50 Review

Following tons of complaints about Fortnite’s overly competitive and repetitive state, Epic Games released a new patch in a spirited attempt to make the game less of a sweat fest, and more of a fun gaming experience, striking a solid balance between the ‘casuals’ and the ‘tryhards’.

So far, the patch has done a great job of bringing some fun back to the Fortnite community while striking a solid balance between the ‘tryhards’ and the ‘casuals’.

Here’s a look at what Fortnite v11.50 brings to the game;

More Realistic Matchmaking For New Players

Prior to the patch, brand new Fortnite players were being matched up with players of a much higher skill level thus creating a largely unenjoyable gaming experience for players linking their epic account for the first time.

The new patch has introduced more realistic matchmaking for new players, allowing them to match up against players of a similar skill level to give them a chance to improve their skills while also having fun with the game.

This is arguably one of the most important changes in the new patch as it will boost player retention in the long run for Epic Games.


Chaos Physics

Fortnite patch v11.50 sees the introduction of Unreal Engine 4’s Chaos Physics System, a high-performance engine that will now allow Epic games to achieve incredible visuals on Fortnite.

Fortnite has always boasted one of the best visuals in a battle royale game but Epic Games have now raised the bar even further, by implementing Unreal Engine’s Chaos Physics System.

The Chaos system is primarily centered on the destruction of buildings, a key facet of Fortnite’s gameplay. It adds some much-needed realism to the destruction of buildings by making the debris from the buildings you destroy visible in real-time.

Epic Games have implemented it just in time for Chapter 2 – Season 2 which is set to begin on February 20. There hasn’t been much info surrounding the new season, but the entire Fortnite community is hyped to see what’s in store for season 2.

Considering this is the first time Fortnite will be making use of the Chaos system, Epic Games have made provisions for players to give feedback and report any bugs surrounding the system.




“Earn Gold Scavenger Medals” Bug Fix

Before the patch, the Rippley vs Sludge challenge had a major bug that prevented players from earning credit and completing the overtime challenge despite finding gold scavenger medals in chests.

The Fortnite V11.50 patch has now fixed the issue, allowing the game to track players’ progress when completing the challenge.


Chaos Rising Challenge Fix

The latest patch has fixed an issue where some players’ progress in the “search chests in a single match” chaos rising challenge wasn’t being recorded, thereby preventing them from completing the challenge.

It was a minor bug that affected only a small portion of the game’s player base, but it has now been fixed following the v11.50 patch.


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