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Top FIFA 20 Updates You Need To Know

Latest Patch Title Update 16

FIFA title update 16 has just been released for the PC version of FIFA 20. It is the third patch EA have released within the space of a month, which is a bit unusual considering they usually stick to one or two new patches per month.

The update is set to be released on Xbox and Ps4 in the coming weeks, but before then, here’s a comprehensive look at the changes EA have made to the game;


Introduction of a Connection Monitoring Option

Throughout the course of the FIFA 20 cycle, EA Sports have made efforts to improve the quality of connection across the game’s various online modes following non-stop complaints about connectivity issues such as button delay and speed-up lag from the FIFA community.

Following the release of title update 16, they’ve added an option that will allow players to monitor their connection whilst in a match.

This further complements title update #13 which saw the release of a feature that added a ping bar to the match creation screen on Ultimate Team, allowing players to know the status of their connection before going into an online match.

The connection monitoring option displays certain information regarding your connection whilst in an online match, giving you a keen insight into any drops or spikes in the quality of your connection.

The option is still in its testing phase, and as such, will only be made available to a certain group of players while EA gathers feedback regarding the new feature.

EA will communicate their plans to release the feature to the entirety of FIFA 20’s player base in subsequent weeks, but until then, the option will appear as greyed out in the in-game menu and as such, the wider FIFA audience will be unable to toggle it until it is fully released.

EA is expected to address more issues regarding connection in subsequent patches as they look to improve FIFA 20’s fun-factor and responsiveness.


New Kits And Tifos

There have been updates to multiple kits and Tifos in the game, giving FIFA 20 a more authentic feel in its various offline and online modes.


Minor Fixes

An issue whereby scrolling line-ups in pre-match cutscenes were not correctly displaying names has now been fixed. Players tend to skip past the pre-match cutscenes anyway, but it’s a great fix especially for those who enjoy the cinematic feel of FIFA 20’s cutscenes.

Title update 16 has also addressed an issue in VOLTA FOOTBALL where an avatar’s saved customizations were not being displayed on some occasions.

Customization makes up a large part of the VOLTA experience, and as such, it’s an important fix within the FIFA street-style game mode.

Unlike title update 15 which nerfed Overload Ball Side and improved the effectiveness of Team Press, the latest patch doesn’t contain any major gameplay changes that can potentially alter the game’s META.

Regardless of that, it is an important patch with regards to the steps that EA is taking towards fixing connectivity issues across FIFA’s online modes.

Latest Patch Title Update 14

FIFA 20 Title Update 14

Over the past few months, EA has turned its focus towards making FIFA 20’s gameplay more balanced by reducing the effectiveness of Overload Ball Side.

They have continued those efforts with the latest 1.18 patch, much to the excitement of the FIFA community.

Here’s an in-depth look at the changes that came with FIFA 20s 14th title update.


Increased Stamina Impact on Overload Ball Side

Increased Stamina Impact on Overload Ball Side

Overload ball side, or ‘OBS’ for short is an in-game tactic that causes your AI-controlled players to overload the areas where your opponent has possession of the ball.

The tactic puts a lot of pressure on your opponent, forcing them into giving the ball away thus allowing you to win the ball back with ease.

Up until the past few months, OBS was incredibly overpowered primarily because it had no corresponding consequences.

Players could literally exploit the tactic throughout a match, causing a largely unenjoyable gaming experience for their opponents.

After a ton of furor from the FIFA community, EA nerfed OBS in FIFA 20s 12th title update back in March by increasing its impact on players’ stamina.

The 14th title update has seen EA nerf OBS even more, to the point where it will nearly drain your team’s stamina after 45 in-game minutes of use.

The latest update has made OBS only viable for quick use, as using it for an extended period of time will take a major toll on your players’ stamina, which will, in turn, make them slower and less effective.


Reduced Stamina Impact on Team Press

Team Press is a d-pad tactic that causes your entire team to apply pressure on your opponent.

It is a great way to win the ball back across different intervals of a game, especially when your opponent is sitting deep and employing time-wasting tactics.

FIFA 20s 12th title update saw EA Sports increase the impact of team press on your players’ stamina, but following the new patch, EA has now reverted the tactic’s stamina impact to how it was before the 12th title update rolled out.

This change has made Team Press a viable alternative to Overload Ball Side, considering it boasts a similar effect to OBS while consuming less stamina.

It’s worth noting, though, that team press drags your players out of position thus leaving you susceptible to counter attacks.

Going by that, it’d be best to employ the tactic in short bursts in a bid to maintain your team’s defensive shape.


New Additions To CONMEBOL Mode

New Additions To CONMEBOL Mode

EA has added Brazilian outfit Guarani and Ecuadorian side, Barcelona SC to the CONMEBOL team roster, allowing you to make use of them in the CONMEBOL competition game mode.

EA has also updated a range of stadia, kits and presentation packages in the CONMEBOL mode, making the competition more lively and authentic in-game.

There were a ton of visual changes across FIFA 20s normal modes as well, with the introduction of new advertisement boards and some new kits, however, these have no real significance in-game.

The 1.18 patch didn’t really change much bar the viability of the Overload Ball Side tactic.

Following its increased impact on stamina, you probably won’t have to worry about your opponents spamming OBS in the Weekend League and Division Rivals from now on.

There are still a lot of changes we’d love to see in future patches such as more consistent connectivity and increased player responsiveness.

Hopefully, EA will address these issues in subsequent patches - for now, stay safe and enjoy the OBS nerf!


Latest Patch 1.13 Review

From the La croqueta spams to el Tornado crosses - FIFA 19 was filled with flawed game mechanics, a fact which forced professional FIFA players and content creators alike to talk about the issues plaguing the game on their various social media platforms.

The furor from the FIFA community-led EA Sports to take a completely different approach to FIFA 20.

This year’s iteration of FIFA is markedly different from what it was last year - primarily in the core game mechanics.

The new mechanics now prevent players from utilizing multiple skill moves in a row, from creating a more balanced and realistic gaming experience while also widening the game’s skill gap.

Throughout the FIFA 20 cycle, EA Sports will focus on making the game more responsive and realistic with periodic patches.

Here’s a look at what the latest FIFA 20 1.13 update brings to the game;

Improved Responsiveness While Dribbling

Before the 1.13 title update, dribbling felt weird on FIFA 20. Players tended to feel unresponsive while attempting sharp turns with the left analog stick, as they often took heavy touches, which resulted in their opponents being able to steal the ball.

Thanks to the new update, though, players who boast at least 80 dribblings, 80 balance and 80 agility respectively now feel more smooth and agile with the ball at their feet, giving the game’s dribbling mechanics more balance by allowing players with high dribbling stats to feel incredibly nimble on the game.

For instance, before the patch, a player like Eden Hazard who boasts a 94-rated dribbling stat felt inconsistent on the ball, but following the new patch, Hazard feels incredibly smooth on the ball 100% of the time.

Improved Shooting Accuracy

The new patch has boosted the effectiveness of shots taken inside the 18-yard-box from good angles.

Before the 1.13 update, players tended to hit the bar or send the ball wide despite having a clear-cut opportunity to find the back of the net from within the 18-yard-area.

After a ton of uproar about the inconsistent finishing mechanic, EA made some critical adjustments to the game’s shooting mechanics by increasing the likelihood of players to score from within the box when shooting from right angles.

Master the mechanics of shooting and win more games by watching the “Tekkz” lesson -  Shooting Types

Reduced Kick-Off Time

Players used to be able to waste a lot of time when standing over the ball before a game kicks-off, but following the patch, the amount of time you can spend before the game automatically kicks-off has been reduced from 30 to 15 seconds.

This prevents players from employing unnecessary time-wasting tactics.

Timed Finished is Back-ish

If you followed the FIFA 19 competitive scene, there was one mechanic that pro players kept using over and over again to score outrageous goals - timed finishing.

Due to how overpowered it was on last year’s iteration of FIFA, EA Sports opted to nerf timed finishing on FIFA 20, making it more of a gimmick than an actual useful mechanic that could potentially give you a competitive edge.

This new patch, however, has boosted the effectiveness of timed finishing by a fair bit, allowing green-timed shots to be less impacted by error, thus making them more accurate and slightly more effective than they used to be.

Increased Speed of Goal-Kick Animations

Thanks to the 1.13 update, goalkeepers now distribute the ball a lot faster than before, preventing you from playing short goal-kicks to your opponent’s forwards who are lurking in the attacking third.

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