The Top 7 Strikers to Sign on FUT For Under 500k Coins

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Goals win you games and strikers get you goals. Finding the right striker for your team can be a major struggle, especially when you’re on a bit of a budget.

On that note, here’s a list of 7 strikers who cost under 500k coins and can bag goals for your team on a consistent basis;


IF Mane

Price: 377k

Despite being a left-winger, Mane was deployed as a striker for Liverpool in their 2-1 victory against Bournemouth back in September, and thus earned himself an entry (as a striker) in the 1st TOTW lineup of FIFA 20.

It’s been seven months since IF Mane was released, but he remains one of the most overpowered cards in the Premier League and one of the best strikers you can sign for under 500k coins.

Mane possesses 95 pace, 89 finishing and 86 shot power. With a hunter chemistry style, those stats will go up to 99 pace, 94 finishing and 96 shot power.

The Senegal international is incredibly nimble on the ball with 93 agility and 86 balance, which when combined with his four-star skill rating, makes him an absolute nightmare to defend against.


Record Breaker Sergio Aguero

Price: 498k

Sergio Aguero’s record breaker card was released as part of the 18th Team of the Week lineup following a hat-trick against Aston Villa which saw him become the highest-scoring foreign player in the history of the Premier League.

The card features an aesthetically pleasing design along with incredible stats such as 95 finishing, 86 agility, 94 balance and 95 positioning.

With 84 pace, Aguero’s record breaker card isn’t particularly fast, but a hunter chemistry style would grant him a +10 boost to his pace, making him fast enough to out-run any defender on the game.


Headliners Timo Werner

Price: 470k

The first thing you’ll notice when you try Timo Werner out for the very first time is his pace.

Standing at 5’11 with 95 pace, there aren’t many defenders who can keep up with Werner in a race.

Boasting 94 finishing and 86 shot power, rest assured that Werner will convert most of the chances that come his way.

Werner possesses a three-star skill rating which limits the skill moves he’s able to perform, but considering his raw effectiveness in-game, you can compensate for his relatively low skill rating by taking advantage of his silky smooth dribbling stats (86 agility, 81 balance and 90 ball control).


Libertadores Lisandro Lopez

Price: 385k

Released into Ultimate Team as part of the Copa Libertadores promotion, Lisandro Lopez is by far one of the most underrated cards in the game.

Being Argentine and plying his trade in the Argentine first division, Lopez is often overlooked because of his lack of chemistry links with players from top European leagues.

However, if you’ve got a couple of icons within your ranks, Lopez would be an excellent choice to lead your team upfront.

With 90 pace, Lopez is quick enough to pose an attacking threat, you could even get his pace up to 99 if you slap a hunter chemistry style on his card.

The Argentine striker also boasts 94 finishing and 90 shot power which makes him incredibly efficient in front of goal.

Unlike most strikers, Lopez is adept at distributing the ball across tight areas, a trait that will make your attacking sequences more dynamic.

For under 385k, Lisandrio Lopez is a real gem on FIFA 20.


TOTT Dries Mertens

Price: 220k

Over the years, Dries Mertens has always been a popular player on Ultimate Team due, in large part, to his similarities with Lionel Messi.

Mertens’ 5’7 frame, coupled with his lightning quick agility (96) and strong balance (94) makes him incredibly difficult to mark as he’s able to weave in and out of different areas of the pitch without being tackled.

Asides his sublime dribbling, Mertens also boasts 90 pace, which can be maxed out at 99 with a hunter chemistry style.

As far as finding the back of the net goes, there aren’t many strikers more prolific than Mertens. With 92 positioning and 91 finishing, Mertens will be able to run into the right areas to score goals.


Mid-Icon Raul

Price: 377k

Raul is one of the greatest strikers to have ever played for Real Madrid.

He led Madrid to six La Liga titles as well as three Champions League titles and is the club’s second highest goalscorer of all time (behind Cristiano Ronaldo), with 323 goals.

Raul’s mid-icon card is an absolute powerhouse in attack. With a hunter chemistry style, the Spanish football legend will boast 96 pace, 95 positioning, 93 finishing and 94 shot power.

He’s able to go past multiple players at a time en route to a goal thanks to his agility and balance which are rated 89 and 90 respectively.

It’s almost like Raul has somewhat of a natural striker’s instinct coded into his FIFA 20 player model as he just has a knack for scoring goals, even from impossible angles.

For 377k coins, Raul’s mid-icon card is a must-have.


Winter Refresh Matheus Cunha

Price: 235k

Winter refresh Matheus Cunha is one of the most well-rounded strikers on FIFA 20.

Despite possessing a huge 6’0 frame, Cunha boasts high agility and balance both of which are rated 87 and 83 respectively. This grants him the ability to create something out of nothing in the attacking third, a trait few strikers can boast on Ultimate Team.

With an 80-rated overall passing stat, Cunha is a good passer of the ball. He’ll be able to orchestrate complex patterns of play alongside your team’s midfielders, making him a major threat at the edge of your opponent’s 18-yard-area.

For just 235k coins, you’ll be getting a tall and pacey striker who can shoot, pass and dribble. In terms of bang for buck, few strikers come close to Cunha.


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