The Top 5 Free-kick takers on FIFA 20

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Scoring goals from open play is the primary target of every FIFA player. Most FIFA players view free-kicks as a ‘fun’ part of the game where they get to experiment with different techniques and whatnot, paying little mind to the true goal-scoring potential of freekicks on FIFA 20.

Free-kicks, contrary to what many people believe, can be a great way to consistently find the back of the net. You just have to make use of the best set-piece takers on the game in order to make the most of the free-kicks you get.

On that note, here’s a look at the top 5 free-kick takers on FIFA 20;

Robert Skov

Danish winger Robert Skov was a popular option on FIFA 19 due to his TOTS card from back when he still plied his trade in the Danish Superliga for FC Copenhagen.

He secured a move to the Bundesliga last summer and was granted a pretty average NIF card. However, amongst all his stats, one stands out – his free-kick accuracy stat.

Skov boasts 90 free-kick accuracies, making him one of seven NIF players on the entire game to have a free-kick accuracy rating of at least 90.

Enis Bardhi

A somewhat unfamiliar name to people who don’t follow La Liga, Enis Bardhi is one of the best free-kick takers in La Liga.

By the end of the 2017/18 season, Bardi had scored nine goals, five of which were free-kicks – such is the threat Bardhi poses from dead-ball situations.

EA Sports took those exploits into consideration when they rated his free-kick accuracy 91, making him one of the best free-kick takers on FIFA 20.





Hakan Calhanoglu

Ranked amongst the best free-kick takers in the world for the past few years, it’s no surprise that Hakan Calhanoglu remains amongst the elite club of players who boast at least a 90-rated free-kick accuracy stat on FIFA.

Since FIFA 17, Calhanoglu was a popular option for Ultimate Team players and regular mode players alike because of his impressive playmaking abilities and most of all, because of his penchant for scoring free-kicks.

On FIFA 20, his ability to score free-kicks is rated 90, a bit less than what it was across the past few iterations of FIFA, but still good enough to find the back of the net on a consistent basis.

Miralem Pjanic

Juventus midfielder Miralem Pjanic has made a name for himself as one of the best creative midfielders in Europe, playing a major role in multiple scudetto wins for the Bianconeri, and also helping the Bosnian National team into the latter stages of various international competitions.

Pjanic, on FIFA 20, might not be the most physical player on the game, but what he lacks in physicality, he makes up for with his passing, and free-kick abilities.

Pjanic boasts 92 free-kick accuracies, making him the second-best NIF free-kick taker on FIFA 20.

Lionel Messi

Number one on the list is none other than the man, the myth, the legend, Lionel Messi. In real life, when Messi stands over a dead-ball, he instills fear into the hearts of the players that have set-up a wall to try and stop his free-kick.

Will he dip the ball over the wall? Will he curl the ball around it? Or will he attempt a ground shot?

Messi has downright mastered multiple free-kick techniques, making him incredibly unpredictable from set-piece situations.

He boasts a 94 free-kick accuracy rating on FIFA 20, and in our opinion, that figure should be higher, considering Messi’s free-kick exploits over the past few seasons.

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