The Best End-Game Squad Under 12 Million Coins On FIFA 20

The Best End-Game Squad Under 12 Million Coins In FIFA 20

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FIFA 20’s cycle is set to come to an end in about a month. After nearly 11 months of grinding the game, learning its mechanics, and playing its competitive modes, you’ve probably managed to amass a huge coinbase.

Unfortunately, coins won’t carry over into the next iteration of FIFA, if they did it wouldn’t be fair, so you’ve got to spend them all before FIFA 21 rolls out, and what better way to do that than by splurging on an end game team to mark the end of the FIFA 20 cycle.

On that note, here’s a look at the best squad you can buy on Ultimate Team for under 12 million coins, as we get ready to bid FIFA 20 goodbye;


ST – TOTY Kylian Mbappe

ST - TOTY Kylian Mbappe

Price: 2.5m

Kylian Mbappe’s TOTY card is a force of nature. When this version of Mbappe was released back in January it nearly broke the game, now almost eight months later it has stood the test of time and remains one of the best attackers on FIFA 20.

Mbappe’s TOTY card is a card you honestly don’t need a chemistry style for. You could deploy him with basic chemistry and watch him score tons of goals for your team because of his juiced-up stats.

He’s got 99 pace, 99 finishing, 99 agility, 93 passing, and 99 stamina, what more could you ask for?


RW – TOTS Mohamed Salah

RW - TOTS Mohamed Salah

Price: 430k

Salah earned himself an impressive TOTS card after leading Liverpool to Premier League glory. Standing at 5’9, Liverpool’s Egyptian king boasts one of the most complete cards on Ultimate Team this year.

He’s got 99 pace, 99 finishing, 95 short passing, and 97 dribbling. With less than two months left before FIFA 20 becomes obsolete, you’re sure to have some fun with Salah’s card on your team.


LW – TOTS Neymar

LW - TOTS Neymar

Price: 3.5m

Neymar’s TOTS card is by far one of the best cards on Ultimate Team. Everything from his first touch, his striking animation, and his dribbling just feel incredibly smooth in-game, it’s almost like he was built differently from every other player on FIFA 20.

TOTS Neymar costs a hefty 3.5m but trust us when we say he’s worth every penny. He’s got 98 pace, 96 shooting, and 99 dribbling, but forget about the stats, he’s simply on another level – you have to try him out to truly grasp how good he is.




CAM – TOTS Marco Reus

CAM - TOTS Marco Reus

Price: 240k

Marco Reus is one of the most overpowered players on FIFA 20. His different versions have been OP throughout the course of the FIFA cycle.

Despite costing just 240k, TOTS Reus plays like he costs 2 million coins. He’s got 82 strength – enough to fight defenders off, and 91 stamina.

With an engine chemistry style, the German maestro receives 99 pace, 99 dribbling and 98 passing making him a true force to be reckoned with in the attacking third.


CM – TOTS Renato Sanches

CM - TOTS Renato Sanches

Price: 170k

Renato Sanches has been one of the most OP midfielders on FIFA since FIFA 17. He went a bit under the radar in the first half of the FIFA 20 cycle, but he came back with a bang following the start of the TOTS promotion.

He earned himself an incredible card during the Ligue 1 TOTS promo, boasting 99 pace and 95 defending with a shadow chem style. He’s also got 94 dribbling, 89 passing, and 95 physicality.


CM – TOTY N’Golo Kante

CM - TOTY N’Golo Kante

Price: 1.2m

Kante is Ultimate Team royalty. When it comes to setting up your midfield, you can’t go wrong with Kante in your squad. The Frenchman’s TOTY card is nothing short of brilliant in the game.

He marks players tightly, covers space incredibly well, and contributes to your team’s overall play. With 97 defending, 93 physicality and 95 passing, you can’t go wrong with TOTS Kante.


LB – TOTS Alphonso Davies

LB - TOTS Alphonso Davies

Price: 178k

Alphonso Davies is an absolute powerhouse on the left flank. Boasting high/high work rates, he’s able to contribute to his team’s attacking play while also focusing on his defensive duties.

Davies has 99 pace, 87 defending, and 88 physicality – he costs less than 200k coins but he performs like a prime icon.


CB – TOTY Virgil Van Dijk

CB - TOTY Virgil Van Dijk

Price: 1.7m

Virgil Van Dijk is arguably the most annoying player to play against on FIFA 20 because he’s just so good. He’s incredibly difficult to get past on the ground, and he wins pretty much every aerial duel he contests.

You’re better off having the 6’4 Dutch giant on your side than facing him, so you’d do well to splurge on him – after all, FIFA 20 will be over before you know it.


CB – TOTS Varane

CB - TOTS Varane

Price: 728k

Raphael Varane is one of the best centre-backs on FIFA 20. His regular gold card was pretty OP but his TOTS card is on another level entirely. With 95 pace, 97 defending, and 93 physicality while boasting a massive 6’3 frame – your defensive set-up will be hard to beat with Varane in your team.


RB – TOTY Trent Alexander-Arnold

RB - TOTY Trent Alexander-Arnold

Price: 200k

Alexander-Arnold enjoyed a stellar campaign for Liverpool, helping his side to the Premier League title and earning himself an OP TOTY card in the process.

The young Englishman boasts 92 pace, 92 defending, and 87 physicality, making him one of the best choices for an end-game right-back.


GK – Prime Icon Moments Edwin Van Der Ser

GK - Prime Icon Moments Edwin Van Der Ser

Price: 930k

In need of a goalkeeper that can make impossible saves for your team? Look no further than Dutch legend Edwin Van Der Ser.

Van Der Ser’s ability on FIFA 20 goes beyond his stats. Pretty much every good goalkeeper in the game has similar stats – what sets Van Der Ser apart from other goalkeepers is his sheer effectiveness in-game.

We’re not joking when we say that Van Der Ser plays like spiderman between the sticks. Standing at 6’6 he’s got a long reach but outside of his height, he’s just a hard man to beat – give him a try and you won’t be disappointed.


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