The 7 Best Wingers To Sign On Ultimate Team Under 500k

The 7 Best Wingers To Sign On Ultimate Team Under 500k

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Wingers are crucial to a team’s success as they provide the strikers with some much-needed support in the attacking third.

A good winger needs to be pacey, skillful, and consistent in front of goal – here’s a look at seven players who tick all those boxes and cost less than 500k on the transfer market.

Note: The transfer market is in a perpetual state of flux so prices may vary in-game


NIF Neymar

Price: 494k

Despite being eight months into the FIFA cycle Neymar’s base card is still as overpowered as ever.

The first thing you’ll notice when you use Neymar in a game is his dribbling. The Brazil international feels buttery smooth on the ball – his turns are incredibly quick, and he’s a hard man to tackle.

His fluid movements on the ball can be attributed to his 95 rated dribbling stat as well as his custom in-game animations which give him a unique feel with the ball at his feet.

Asides his dribbling, Neymar possesses a five-star weak foot which allows him to use both feet with the same level of effectiveness.

If you apply a hunter chemistry style on Neymar’s card he’ll possess 92 finishing, 92 positioning, and 90 shot power, making him lethal in front of goal.


Player Moments Leroy Sane

Price: 463k

Leroy Sane’s Player Moments card ticks all the boxes an elite level winger should tick;

He’s 6’0 tall, which allows him to get on the end of back post crosses, he’s got 79 strength which prevents him from being bullied by centre-backs and he’s got 99 pace allowing him to outrun literally any defender in the game.

While pace isn’t everything on FIFA, having a player with 99 pace in your lineup is pretty enjoyable, especially when that player also boasts 92 agility, which backs his pace up with fluid movements on and off the ball.

Sane’s card is available as a Squad Building Challenge under the ‘Players’ tab in the SBC menu. For under 500k coins, he’s worth adding to your squad.


Prime Icon Pavel Nedved

Price: 440k

Pavel Nedved is one of the greatest players to have ever played in the Serie A. He led Lazio and Juventus to multiple league titles throughout the course of his career and cemented his place in football history by winning the Ballon d’OR in 2003.

His prime icon card originally possesses 85 pace, but a hunter chemistry style will give his pace a +10 boost taking it up to 95. The chem style will also bump Nedved’s shooting up from 88 to 93, making him capable of finding the back of the net from tight angles.

The Czech football legend boasts 90 passing and 90 dribbling, allowing him to find space in tightly congested areas. He also possesses a five-star weak foot which comes in handy in the attacking third.


Mid-Icon Hristo Stoichkov

Price: 394k

Hristo Stoichov is widely considered to be the greatest Bulgarian footballer of all time winning five La Liga titles with Barcelona as well as the Ballon d’OR award in 1994.

Primarily a striker throughout the course of his career, Stoichkov was occasionally deployed as a winger at Barcelona which is why his mid-icon card is a winger.

Stoichkov’s card is lightning quick with 90 pace, which goes up to 99 pace with a hunter chemistry style. A hunter chem style also grants him 97 finishing, 98 shot power, and 95 attack positioning.

If you’re looking for a winger capable of consistently contributing to your team’s goalscoring output, then Stoichkov’s mid-icon card is perfect for you.


Shapeshifters Dries Mertens

Price: 200k

Dries Mertens received a major position change during the shapeshifters promo, going from being a striker to a left-winger.

The shapeshifters promo also granted him a solid upgrade, making him well-equipped to dominate the left flank.

Being 5’7, Mertens possesses a low centre of gravity which makes him incredibly nimble on the ball. His diminutive stature is further accentuated by his agility and balance which are rated 99 and 97 respectively.

Mertens boasts 95 finishing and 93 shot power with a hunter chemistry style. With the chem style he also possesses 98 pace, making him a force to be reckoned with up front.



FUTBirthday Douglas Costa

Price: 450k

Douglas Costa’s FUTBirthday card is the closest player to Neymar in terms of sheer in-game responsiveness.

The Brazil international boasts 97 pace, 97 agility, and 95 balance, all of which combine to make him borderline impossible to stop once he gets on his bike.

Considering his pace is already nearly maxed out, the best chemistry style to use on Costa’s card would be a deadeye chemistry style as it will give his finishing a +15 boost, taking it from 75 to 90.

The chem style will also take his passing stat from 85 to 92, tremendously improving his playmaking abilities on the left flank.


Shapeshifters Lucas Moura

Price: 345k

Lucas Moura’s 83-rated base card was one of the most overpowered cards on Ultimate Team upon FIFA 20’s release back in September.

Moura’s base card has since become largely unusable due to the sheer amount of juiced up cards now available in the game, but thankfully, Lucas received a massive upgrade when the shapeshifters promo came along, receiving one of the best cards of the entire promo.

Moura’s shapeshifters card boasts 96 pace, 99 agility, 98 balance, making him rapid and nimble with the ball at his feet.

You’d do well to slap a deadeye chemistry style on his card as it’ll max his finishing out at 99, while boosting his passing from 82 to 88.


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