The 7 Best Midfielders to Sign Under 500k Coins

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He who controls the midfield controls the entire game. Most matches on FIFA are won and lost in the middle of the park as it is the area of the pitch where your build-up play begins to take shape.

A good set of midfielders will give you a major defensive and attacking advantage against opponents of any skill level – it’s almost like it adds a second wave of defenders and forwards to your team.

On that note, here’s a look at 7 of the best midfielders to bolster your squad with – all of whom cost less than 500k coins;


Prime Icon Roberto Baggio

Price: 472k

Heralded as one of the most stylish players to ever kick a ball, Italian football legend Roberto Baggio possesses all the qualities you need to effectively dictate the flow of a game on Ultimate Team.

The first thing that truly stands out about Baggio is his ability to distribute the ball.

He built an illustrious career off of making outrageous passes, and as such, EA granted his prime icon card a 92-rated passing stat, which includes 95 vision, 90 free-kick accuracy, and 94 curve.

With a hunter chemistry style, Baggio will possess 96 pace and 90 shooting, both of which are more than enough to pose a constant attacking threat to your opponents.


Flashback Arturo Vidal

Price: 469k

EA released a juiced-up version of Arturo Vidal as a flashback SBC, giving you the chance to bolster your midfield with a true gladiator.

Flashback Vidal possesses high/high work rates which will allow him to make significant contributions across both ends of the pitch for your team.

High/High is an ideal combination to have as a box-to-box midfielder, but to complement his in-game mentality, you’ll have to deploy Vidal alongside a midfielder who has High/Low or High/Medium work rates.

With a shadow chemistry style, Vidal will boast 94 pace and 95 defending, making him incredibly effective at winning the ball back and thwarting incoming attacks.

To do Vidal’s SBC, head over to the ‘Players’ section of the SBC menu. His SBC doesn’t have an expiry date so you can take as much time as you want with it.


FUTBirthday Kai Havertz

Price: 264k

Tons of great players were released as part of the recently concluded FUT Birthday promo, but Kai Havertz was one of the stand-out players of the entire event.

Standing at 6’2, one would expect Havertz to be clunky in-game, but that’s far from the case. The young German is incredibly nimble despite his huge frame, due in large part to his 85-rated agility stat.

An engine chemistry style would be the best option for Havertz – not only will it give his pace a +4 boost (taking it up to 94), it will give his agility a +5 boost, while also granting him 89 balance.

The young German boasts 91 finishing and 82 shot power which when combined with his five-star weak foot makes him incredibly lethal in the attacking third.


IF N’Golo Kante

Price: 383k

Kante is by far one of the best defensive midfielders you can sign on Ultimate Team.

The Frenchman is incredibly difficult to evade in the heart of midfield as he’s always looking to cut passing lanes and intercept the ball while providing his team’s backline with additional defensive cover.

The best chemistry style to use on Kante is shadow, as it bolsters, two of his most important qualities – pace and defending.

With a shadow chem style, IF Kante’s pace will go up to 92 whilst his overall defensive stat will go up to 94, making him more effective at performing his role in the middle of the park.


UCL Live Thomas Partey

Price: 173k

Following Atletico Madrid’s somewhat surprising loss against Liverpool in the Champions League, Thomas Partey’s UCL Live card received an incredible upgrade making the Ghana international one of the most overpowered midfielders in FIFA 20.

Standing at 6’1 and boasting 88 jumping, Partey is excellent at winning aerial duels. His physical presence is immense, providing your team a solid layer of protection in the heart of midfield.

Partey possesses 97 stamina which allows him to perform his defensive duties throughout the course of a game without getting tired.

With a shadow chemistry style, Partey’s pace and overall defensive stats will be rated 92 and 95 respectively.



Future Stars Youri Tielemans

Price: 207k

Youri Tielemans was one of the most influential players at Leicester before the Premier League season was brought to a halt.

Through his performances for the Foxes and his incredible potential, he earned himself a juiced-up card in the Future Stars promo, making him one of the best Premier League midfielders on FUT.

Tielemans’ Future Stars card is incredibly dynamic – the Belgian midfielder can go from distributing the ball with his 92 rated passing stat to dribbling past players thanks to his 88 rated dribbling stat.

You can’t go wrong with Tielemans in your team.


Headliners Radja Nainggolan

Price: 379k

Headliners Radja Nainggolan is arguably the best Serie A midfielder you can sign on Ultimate Team.

With all his face stats rated 80+, Nainggolan’s headliners’ card is a certified member of the Gullit gang. ‘

Nainggolan can perform literally every important midfield role in the game thanks to his combination of stats.

He’s got 88 dribbling, 87 physicality and 86 passing. With a shadow chemistry style his pace and overall defensive stats both go up to 92 and 95 respectively, making him incredibly difficult to get past in a game.

If you’re looking for a Gullit-esque midfielder who won’t set you back millions of coins, then Nainggolan is your guy.


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