How FIFA 21’s Ultimate Team Co-op Could Change FIFA Forever

How FIFA 21’s Ultimate Team Co-op Could Change FIFA Forever

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When Fortnite was released in 2017, its player base grew like wildfire – because of one very simple reason – Fortnite allowed players all around the world to “hang-out” with their friends while having fun on the game’s expansive map.

Since its meteoric rise to the pinnacle of online gaming in 2017, Fortnite has inspired a wave of social-focused games, and FIFA appears set to join that wave with FUT co-op when FIFA 21 gets released on October 6.

FUT co-op, in a way, is EA’s first attempt at creating a truly social experience on FIFA.

Social Gaming?

Some might argue that FIFA has always been a social game – after all, you can play alongside your friends on pro-clubs – but the fact of the matter is, a chunk of FIFA’s player base exclusively play Ultimate Team, and thus only play a couple of games on Pro Clubs throughout the course of a year, if any at all.

That’s why the arrival of FUT co-op marks a key shift in the FIFA franchise because it will finally allow players to play alongside, not against, their friends, in a fun, yet competitive environment – giving FUT a refreshing feeling that it has lacked for years.

Ultimate Team is FIFA’s flagship game mode for good reason – it is vibrant, unique, fun when your players aren’t “stuck in the mud” and competitive. But while FUT’s competitive nature keeps players engaged, it also gives rise to a very toxic community.

This is evident by the disturbing post-game messages a lot of players send and receive while playing the Weekend League and Division Rivals.

FUT’s toxicity also manifests itself in the middle of a match, with some players opting to adopt time-wasting tactics such as passing the ball back for the entirety of a game all in the name of getting a win.

Some players even go as far as playing little mind-games such as watching every in-game animation, replay, and doing the “shush” celebration after a goal – which, by the way, will not be in FIFA 21 (thankfully).

Now, every gaming community has a toxic side, but over the years FIFA’s toxicity has reached new highs because of Ultimate Team’s hardcore competitive nature.



The co-op Mode

The entire mode is built around progression – you have to win the most games to get the best rewards – so players do whatever they can to win and quite a number of them send angry messages when they don’t.

When a game is too competitive, it increases the overall stress levels of its player base, which, in turn, results in a plethora of toxic behavior.

In light of that, the FUT co-op mode will do more than make FIFA more fun or more social, the new mode will reduce the toxicity in the game by going to the root of FIFA’s “toxic” problem.

FUT co-op will offer players an “escape” from the hardcore grind of playing the Weekend League and Division Rivals by replacing that grind with a fun and social gaming experience, thereby giving players a way to offload their “competitive stress” while still playing FIFA.

FUT co-op is perfectly poised to help FIFA 21 mark a key shift in the FIFA community – because of it, FIFA 21 might just turn out to be the least toxic iteration of FIFA in recent memory.


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