Four Key Takeaways From the FIFA 21 Reveal

Four Key Takeaways From the FIFA 21 Reveal

Jonas FIFA, Guides

With FIFA 21 set to be out on October 9, EA Sports have already begun to release some key features of the next installment in the FIFA franchise.

This week they put out an official reveal trailer, as well as a few notes about some new features we can expect to see in FIFA 21.

They are set to release some more info about the game in August, but here are five things we’ve learned from the first reveal of FIFA 21’s features;

Nutmegs Are Still In the Game

In the first minute of the two-minute trailer, EA Sports released, we noticed something a bit worrying – in a short gameplay sequence, the ball was passed through a player’s legs – a move which is known as a ‘nutmeg’ in real football.

Nutmegs are part and parcel of football, however, lest we forget, there are no controls for executing a nutmeg on FIFA – they occur completely randomly.

The bad thing about nutmegs being a random move is the fact that you could end up losing a game because the ball randomly goes through your defender’s legs and gives your opponent a clear shot on goal – so to see a nutmeg included in FIFA 21 reveal trailer is a bit disappointing.

We don’t know the degree to which nutmegs are in the game, though, so take this with a grain of salt, but considering EA decided to put a clip of one in the reveal trailer, we might have to deal with another year of RNG on FIFA 21 – but let’s hope for the best.




A New Co-Op Mode in Ultimate Team

For years, the FIFA community has been clamoring for a CO-OP mode on Ultimate Team, and according to the feature reveal, we’re set to get one on FIFA 21.

EA didn’t release many details about the new CO-OP mode, but we imagine it’ll be similar to co-op seasons where you’re able to play online alongside a friend against two other human opponents on the same team.

If EA manages to execute the mode properly by striking a solid balance between competitive and casual play, the CO-OP mode will introduce a quality social gaming experience to Ultimate Team.

New ‘Agile Dribbling’

We’re not quite sure what this is but we imagine it means more fluid movements on the ball while dribbling with the left-analog stick.

We haven’t had a fluid dribbling system since FIFA 18, so if EA is able to replicate FIFA 18’s dribbling system with this new mechanic then ‘agile dribbling’ is something we should be very excited for, as it should, in theory, allow you to make sharper turns on the ball.

New ‘Creative Runs’

We’re not entirely sure what this new mechanic will bring to FIFA 21, but from the looks of it, it will influence your team’s movement off the ball in a bid to make build-up play a more dynamic process rather than the boring possession-fest it was on FIFA 20.

The hope is that the creative runs mechanic will allow AI-controlled players to make more intelligent runs off the ball because it will allow every match to have a unique feel, and make the process of launching attacks more fun.

It will be interesting to see how the new creative runs system turns out – hopefully, EA will release some concrete info during the next FIFA 21 reveal in August.


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