7 Centre-Backs To Sign On Ultimate team For Under 500k Coins

7 Centre-Backs To Sign On Ultimate team For Under 500k Coins

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Your defence is incredibly crucial to your success on Ultimate Team. Regardless of how good your team’s attack is, you need to have a solid defensive set-up in a bid to consistently win games.

On that note, here’s a look at the seven best defenders to sign for under 500k on FUT;


Flashback Jerome Boateng

Price: 446k

At the peak of his powers, Boateng was arguably the best defender in the world.

Never mind the night Lionel Messi made him eat grass – Boateng, in his prime, could put the best strikers in the world in his pockets, effectively preventing them from exerting their influence in a match.

EA has done an excellent job of replicating the peak of Boateng’s career with a flashback card that quite honestly, makes Boatenng one of the best centre-backs in the entire game.

Who needs Prime Icon Moments Maldini when you’ve got Boateng available for a fraction of his price.

Standing at 6’4, with a high and stocky build, it’s borderline impossible for Boateng to lose a physical duel on FIFA 20, either in the air or on the ground.

His huge frame is further bolstered by his physical stats; 99 strength, 90 aggression, and 81 jumping.

With a shadow chemistry style, his pace and overall defensive stat will both go up to 94 and 98 respectively, making him a true force to be reckoned within the heart of your defensive set-up.


Prime Icon Ronald Koeman

Price: 487k

Ronald Koeman is by far one of the most unique players to have ever set foot on a football pitch.

Boasting the technique of a world-class forward, Koeman scored 254 goals throughout the course of his career – more goals than any defender in the history of football. Considering this feat, it’s no surprise that Koeman’s shooting stat is rated 88 on FIFA 20.

Koeman is Barcelona’s second-highest goalscorer from set-piece situations with 26 goals – EA did an excellent job of replicating his free-kick taking abilities by granting him 97 free-kick accuracy.

With a shadow chemistry style, the Dutchman boasts 87 pace and 97 defending making him a difficult man to get past on the virtual pitch.

For under 500k coins, you’ll be getting a centre-back who can score goals and make significant defensive contributions. He’d be an excellent addition to any team.


NIF Virgil Van Dijk

Price: 307k

Virgil Van Dijk is the most annoying centre-back to come up against on FIFA 20, plain and simple.

It doesn’t matter if it’s his NIF or his TOTY card – every single version of VVD is incredibly difficult to beat in a 1 v 1, all he needs is one small push to win the ball back, just one, and that’s thanks to his massive 6’4 frame.

With 92 strength and 90 jumping, there aren’t many players that can win a physical duel against the Dutchman.

FIFA 20’s been out for eight months so far and VVD has remained one of the most sought-after defenders in the game – it speaks volumes about his effectiveness.

Costing just 307k, you’d do well to bolster your backline with the Liverpool man.


Future Stars Ozan Kabak

Price: 144k

Ozan Kabak is not your average defender.

Standing at 6’1, the Turkey international boasts a solid physical presence alongside a 97 rated jumping stat which grants him the ability to win aerial duels against pretty much any player on FIFA 20.

With a shadow chemistry style, he boasts 91 pace, 95 defensive awareness, and 94 interceptions allowing him to cut passing lanes effectively and intercept the ball with ease.

While Kabak has all the stats an elite defender should have, there’s an extra layer to his abilities;

Unlike most centre-backs in the game, Kabak possesses nimble footwork thanks to his agility and ball control stats both of which are rated 78 and 89 respectively.

Costing just 144k coins, Future Stars Kabak is a must-buy on Ultimate Team.


Mid-Icon Rio Ferdinand

Price: 490k

Rio Ferdinand is arguably one of the best defenders to have ever played in the Premier League if not the best considering his accolades which include six appearances in the PFA Premier League Team of the Year lineup.

Boasting 92 pace with a shadow chemistry style, Ferdinand is fast enough to keep up with most strikers in the game.

With 90 composure and 88 reactions, the English football legend is able to perform his defensive duties even while under immense pressure from multiple opposition players, an ability not many defenders possess on FIFA 20.


FUTBirthday Lucas Hernandez

Price: 219k

Theo Hernandez is a gladiator in the heart of defence. With 90 aggression, 87 stamina, and 89 jumping, Hernandez is well-equipped to man your team’s defence and protect your 18-yard-area from any incoming attacks.

Hernandez’s FUTbday card boasts a five-star skill rating – a fairly unnecessary trait considering his position, but a welcome one nonetheless considering the amount of fun you can have with his card while keeping possession of the ball in your defensive third.

He also possesses decent agility (74) and balance (72), making his movements on the ball smoother than you’d expect from a centre-back.


Shapeshifters Geoffery Kondogbia

Price: 134k

Geoffery Kondogbia’s is incredibly undervalued on FIFA 20 due to the limited amount of cards he can link. If he had better chemistry potential, then he’d probably cost around 300k coins and not the 134k coins he’s currently going for.

Originally a CDM, Kondogbia was converted into a CB for the shapeshifters promo, making him one of the best La Liga defenders you can sign on Ultimate Team.

Kondogbia’s physical qualities are immense. The Valencia man possesses 97 strength, 90 aggression, and 82 jumping, coupled with a massive 6’2 frame.

With a shadow chemistry style he has 90 pace and 93 defending, making him a fearsome defender to come up against.

As somewhat of an added bonus, Kondogbia has a four-star skill rating, granting him the ability to perform skill moves like the heel to heel flick and the scoop turn.

If you’re running a La Liga squad, Kondogbia is worth getting.


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