FIFA 21 Chemistry Style Guide

FIFA 21 Chemistry Style Guide

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Chemistry styles are an essential part of Ultimate Team. The right chemistry style can turn an average player into an OP beast so it’s important to know the right ones to use.

On that note, here’s a guide aimed at helping you select the best chemistry styles for your players;

P.S you can buy players who already have your preferred chemistry style by using a chemistry style filter on the transfer market. To do that just go on the transfer market menu, select the chemistry style you want the player to have, and make the purchase.

Be sure to avoid applying expensive chemistry styles on players you don’t intend to use long-term in order to save coins.


Hunter chemistry styles are one of the most expensive consumables in the game. They grant players a +10 pace boost, and as you should know, pace is arguably the most important stat in FIFA.

If you have a striker or a set of wingers who have around 80 pace, then it would be a good idea to slap a hunter on them for a +10 pace and +6 shooting.


Catalyst chemistry styles, like hunters, grant players a +10 pace boost, but they also give players +9 passing, making it a great chemistry style for attacking midfielders who have great shooting but lack good passing stats.


Shadow chemistry styles are arguably the most sought-after chemistry styles in FIFA.

They boost a player’s pace by 12 points while also boosting their defensive ability by 8 points.

Shadow chemistry styles are ideal for defenders and defensive midfielders.


A gladiator chemistry style gives players +9 defending and a +6 shooting.

It’s not a ‘meta’ chemistry style, though, so we recommend you don’t use it unless the player you want to use it on already has tons of pace.


Backbone is an underrated chemistry style that works really well with midfielders. It gives players a +7 boost in passing, a +8 boost in defending and a +3 boost in physicality.


Anchor is the second-most effective defensive chemistry style in the game. It’s best used on pacey full-backs such as Jordi Alba or Jerome Rousillon as it helps them maximize their pace while also boosting their defending and physicality.

It grants players +5 pace, a +8 defending and a +5 physicality.



Guardian works really well on defenders and midfielders as it increases a player’s dribbling by 6 points while also granting them a +10 increase in defending.


Sentinel is a defensive-focused chemistry style that is best utilized on defenders and midfielders who don’t have good defending and physical stats.

Sentinel chemistry styles grant +10 defending and +8 physicality.


Engine chemistry styles are designed to help improve a player’s creative output on the pitch by giving them +5 pace, +5 passing and +7 dribbling.


Maestro is an ideal chemistry style for players who have lots of pace but lack solid creative attributes.

It boosts shooting by 5 points, boosts passing by 5 points and boosts dribbling by 7 points.


Powerhouse is a defensive-focused chemistry style that boosts a player’s passing and defending by 8 and 9 points respectively.

It is not considered ‘meta’ because very few players in the game have their stats distributed in such a way that would make a powerhouse chemistry style useful.


Architect is another non-meta chemistry style. It increases passing and physicality by 11 and 7 points respectively.

However, an architect chem style will work really well if you apply it on a player who has good pace, shooting and dribbling.


Like its name suggests, an artist chemistry style is for players whose main role revolves around creating goalscoring opportunities.

It is the ideal chemistry style for attacking midfielders who already have decent pace and shooting as it gives a +9 boost to both passing and dribbling.


Hawk chemistry styles are great for strikers. If you apply a hawk chemistry style on a player, the player will receive +5 pace, +6 shooting and +5 physicality.

It’s a cheaper alternative to a hunter chemistry style and it works just as effectively. It can even be more effective than a hunter chem style depending on your player’s stat distribution.


A marksman chemistry style is for forwards who have blistering pace but lack great shooting and/or dribbling. It grants players +9 shooting, +4 dribbling and +4 physicality, effectively transforming them from pacey players into all-round beasts.


Deadeye chem styles work best on players like Douglas Costa who have a ton of pace and dribbling but lack good shooting stats.

It gives players a massive shooting boost (11 points) while also improving their passing by 6 points.


Finisher is really good for forwards who play as target men because it boosts shooting and physicality by 10 and 5 points respectively.


You can turn an average forward into an elite one by simply slapping a sniper chemistry style on his card.

Sniper chem styles give +8 shooting and +7 dribbling, so if one of your forwards has lots of pace but lacks solid dribbling and shooting, just apply a sniper chemistry style on his card and watch him flourish on the virtual pitch.

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