DOTA Mastery: Three Things Every Midlaner Needs to Do Before The Start Of A Game

DOTA Mastery: Three Things Every Midlaner Needs to Do Before The Start Of A Game

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A good mid-laner can be the difference between a win and a loss on DOTA. Unlike other roles, the mid-lane is very individualistic in nature as you’ll typically find yourself sharing the lane with an enemy player which in itself, creates a heated one-on-one situation.
The mid-lane requires a unique set of skills to be played at a high level, on that note we’ve partnered up with back to back winner, Topias Miikka “Topson” Taavitsainen to teach you the skills you need to dominate the mid-lane.
In this article you’ll learn what Topson does before the start of every game he plays to give himself and his team an advantage over their enemies going into a match:

Discuss Strategies With Your Teammates

While the mid-lane for the most part is a lonesome role, it’s a good idea to discuss your preferred approach with your teammates before the start of a match.
Doing so will eliminate the need to constantly communicate with your teammates at the start of a game, as you’ll already have a rough idea of the plan you’re supposed to execute. Communication is a key part of DOTA, but too much of it can be a distraction in the laning phase.

You need to plan your matchups in the pre-laning phase to give yourself a bit of an advantage at the start of a game.
For instance, say you’re using Invoker and you’re set to go up against Ember in the mid-lane, it would be a good idea to select Quas and Wex to give yourself some extra regen to negate Ember’s sleight of fist spam. 

Beyond skill selection, you should create some sort of matchup strategy to guide your approach in the laning phase. For example with Invoker against Ember – Invoker would typically do well in that matchup with an aggressive approach so before the start of the game, your matchup strategy would already be centered on getting a good block early on, getting on the high ground, and keeping the lane static.


Selecting Starting Items

Your starting build dictates how strong and efficient your hero will be at the start of a match, so you should always look to start out with items that complement your hero’s skillset and role very well.
For example, Invoker is a ranged intelligence hero, so jumping into the mid-lane with him our starting items would be Two Tangos, The Double Circlet, The Mantle, Iron Branch, and Faerie Fire as this selection would grant him the highest amount of stats, which would, in turn, boost our chances of getting last-hits. Your item selection is very key, so make sure you discover the most effective build for your preferred heroes before going into a game.

Plan Your Purchase Decisions

As a mid-laner, you won’t have a teammate to support you while you’re making a purchase decision in a game – on that note, it’s important for you to create a rough outline of your purchase decisions in the pre-laning phase, in order for your purchases to be quick and seamless while you’re in the middle of a match. For instance, because we’re playing Quas with our invoker, we won’t need to buy an extra bottle of regen, so we’d be looking towards buying an item that will give Invoker extra damage as opposed to more regen. It’s all about being practical with your purchase decisions.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can start playing mid-lane at a higher level, check out our course with Topson here.

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