Why is Dota 2 so Popular?

Why is Dota 2 so Popular?

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Dota 2 is one of the most famous Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games. Every day, players around the globe connect with each other to play the game. Dota 2 gathers more than 11 Million individual players every month. It is also the most famous game offered on Steam. To maintain its popularity, Valve organizes multiple events and releases audience-oriented updates. If you are a newbie in the Dota 2 world and want to know the reason behind its extreme popularity, here are some of the reasons.

Team Game

The first and most important aspect of the popularity of Dota 2 is that the game is a team game. You can sit with your friends and play together. Not just that, you can connect together from anywhere in the world and play a game. This gives you the opportunity to spend the best time with your friends. Also, the game is addicting so you and your friends can easily get used to it and play every day. Moreover, Dota 2 is a game of strategy. Each game comes with a unique scenario and you have to act accordingly. When you are playing with your friends, you can try multiple strategies and would never get bored. Thus, being a team game is a plus point for Dota 2.

Multiple Tournaments

Dota 2 holds the record of organizing the International each year with the highest Esports winning prize. The prize pool increases each year and beats all other games. Similarly, throughout the year, multiple Dota 2 majors and minors take place. These tournaments keep the fans busy and always around. There are around 11 majors and 16 minors available for Dota 2 each year. This represents that not even a single month goes without any Dota 2 competition. The high number of events keeps the fans engaged with the game and makes it more famous.

Comes from Warcraft

Dota 2 comes from a very famous game Warcraft. Most of the heroes come from Warcraft. The fan-base of Warcraft shifted to Dota 2 as it provided better gameplay. Most of the heroes have similar abilities as that of Warcraft and thus old players stick to the game, increasing its popularity. Although the gameplay of both games is totally different. In Dota 2, you handle your own hero which gets stronger by each level you grow. However, in Warcraft, you handle a complete force to move forward. Besides all these differences, fans still stick to the game and make it more famous and likable.

Strategy Game with Hero Pool

Dota 2 is extremely famous for its strategy-based gameplay. Although Dota 2 has not changed the only map in it, each game creates a new scenario. Players in the game act according to a new strategy each game requires. The large hero pool also keeps the players involved in the game. A player can play one hero out of more than 100 heroes available in each game. Each hero consists of unique spells and different timings. With this many details with each thing, the game becomes more interesting and develops an urge to master it.
Moreover, there are a lot of other things than just heroes and maps. In order to master them all, a player requires a significant time period. During this time period, one player always encourages other players to try the game. Due to this, the game becomes more popular, and more people join it every day.


The ranking system and Matchmaking

Dota 2 has a unique way of ranking the players in order, known as MMR. Each player in the game gets a specific number that increases with winning each rank match. Similarly, the number decreases with each loss. Recently, Dota 2 introduced a medal system in the game. This new update provided medals to the players according to their MMR. According to a player’s MMR, matchmaking is done. The player always gets opponents with the same MMR bracket. This makes the game fairer and square and more people turn towards it. The ranking system helps Dota 2 eradicate scams out. This makes the game more famous as the game provides unique features.

Kills Boredom and Stress

Dota 2 is one of the games that can easily divert your mind from a specific thing. The game has the ability to indulge a player in it thoroughly. As each game comes with a new strategy, you keep yourself looped up in it properly. The addiction results in killing any kind of boredom and stress a player is facing. Dota 2 also improves your reflexes and concentration in the game as you have to take runtime decisions throughout. All of these things keep a player stuck with the game. As more people join the game, it becomes more powerful and famous.
Mostly, players start playing Dota 2 to overcome their stress. This has become a trend and more people are turning towards Dota 2 to make it a bigger brand.


Dota 2 is one of the best MOBA games. Ever since its existence, the game has increased in its popularity and audience. Around the globe, Dota 2 caters to more than 11 Million individual players each month. This reflects the extreme popularity of the game. There are several reasons for the popularity of the game. In our opinion, the most important points would be the team strategy game and the tournaments. As in Dota 2, you can join with your friends and play as much as you can. One more big reason behind the high popularity of the game is that it is free-to-play on Steam. Thus it gathers the highest population on Steam.
Dota 2 is not dying at all and the future of the game is secured for now. Valve tries its best to keep the game alive by providing multiple tournaments throughout the year. With each passing year, Dota 2 becomes more famous, and more players are joining every day.

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