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Top Dota 2 Updates – Patch 7.27b & 7.27c Review

Last patch was all about game mechanics and items & now that everything has been settled, Icefrog decided to finally make some hero reworks. Initially, we wanted to wait a few days before making this post to figure out the best heroes in the game’s meta but before we could do that, patch 7.27c already came with some pretty heavy nerfs. So without further delays, here are the 8 biggest hero changes in Patch 7.27c (and most broken ones).

1. Bloodseeker

Perhaps one of the biggest reworks of update 7.27b and 7.27 has to be Bloodseeker. Both his Q & E have been reworked. Starting with his passive Thirst (E), it no longer provides attack speed when enemies are low but instead just gives out movement and heals. The healing aspect has been reworked to heal 8/12/16/20% of max health for creep kills and 12/18/24/30% for heroes kills. The amazing part is that the heal is halved if you are within a 300 radius of a dying unit which means that you will always get healed if there are units dying around you without you having to secure the last hit.

His Bloodrage (Q) has also seen a significant rework. Instead of giving the target damage, it gives attack speed & spell amplification instead. At rank 4m this spell buffs you with 140 attack speed 24% bonus spell amplification. However, this spell now has a mana cost & also drains your life by up to 2.8% of your max health per second. Bloodrage is not lethal.

Additionally, a few talents were changed to accommodate this new playstyle but it looks like these new changes have not suited him very well as his win rate decreased from 52% to 47% making him one of the worst heroes to play the moment.

2. Sven

Climbing his way to a pretty decent 52% win rate, Sven has seen a little bit more play ever since the new patch changes where they reworked his ultimate. It previously used to give bonus damage AND strength but now the bonus attributes have been scrapped and instead, he has been receiving a longer ultimate duration and more % dmg. This means that Sven now hits harder and scales better with items while he is a little bit less tanky.

Though he still struggles with some of the same kiting issues he had before this new patch, his movement speed was also increased from 315 to 325 making him one of the faster heroes without boots and allowing him to travel from camp to camp much faster increasing his farm rate. His farm also benefits from an added bonus 50 cleave distance (650 to now 700).

His warcry was brought back to a previous version from quite a few patches ago where it now provides movement speed for both himself and his allies and was given quite a nice change to mana cost changing from a static 60 to a scaling 30/40/50/60 allowing Sven to now take multiple points in Storm Hammer (Q) before maxing out E as he does not have the largest mana pools and benefits from low costing spells.

3. Clinkz

Clinkz the bone-fletcher is one of the most hated heroes to play against in the game and for good reason. His permanent invisibility alongside his long range attacks make him very strong at all stages of the game and one of the hardest snowballing heroes.

In this patch, he was reverted to his former self (but better). Bringing back his old ultimate, Death Pact (R) now consumes a creep to gain bonus health and damage based on the stats of the target. Burning army has been added as an Aghanim Scepter ability and although still strong, not something he wants to build in for the first 3 or 4 items.

What makes Clinkz so strong is his increased intelligence gain per level and attack point improved. This makes Clinkz a lot stronger in the lane as his auto-attack animation was significantly improved to make last hitting easier and his bonus intelligence per level fixes his early game mana issues. Giving Clinkz 1 Burning Army Illusion as a level 10 talent basically doubles his damage output very early on allowing him to kill supports even with no items.

Strafe (Q) has now returned as a basic ability increasing his Attack speed by up to 200 and gaining 100% evasion against ranged attacks & projectiles.

Although the numbers were tuned down in patch 7.27c the skeleton archer still holds an impressive 52% win rate over-all and is definitely even more powerful and hard to deal with in the lower brackets.

4. Chaos Knight

Chaos Knight was also reverted to a previous version of himself. Chaos Strike is now proc based with a 30% base chance and it no longer has a cooldown which makes Echo Saber great on CK again.

Icefrog also tried making him a more viable carry again by reducing the cooldown of the ultimate and increase the damage of the illusions to 100% making him more slightly powerful at early levels. However, the number of phantasms is now scaling 1/2/3 per ultimate rank.

This has brought CK from under 50% win rate to a little bit over 51% in the divine & immortal bracket. He is still not a top tier pick but can work in high tempo drafts due to his strong early fighting power and lane dominance.


5. Razor

Razor is another hero that suffers in the current meta as his changes bring him further down the red numbers as his win rate decreases by another percent down to 48%.

The lightning revenant has been given more strength and agility gain per level to help him fight earlier. Alongside more stats, his plasma field (Q) also got its cooldown reduced down to 10 seconds at rank 4. This makes him even better in the early to mid-game skirmishes where he previously excelled anyway.

His Static link (W) got a new nice quality of life change as now it functions more as Windranger ultimate where it allows Razor to continuously attack while moving but he is not forced to attack the linked target anymore making him better at linking tanky immobile heroes and then focusing down other priority targets.

Storm surge (e) no longer provides AoE movement speed and Razor is now the only one benefitting from extra movement speed up to 20% at rank 4. This is quite a significant amount that allows Razor to quickly reach over 400 ms giving him a nice way to make sure he is always sticking to his targets.

Lastly, his ultimate has been reworked to no longer provide AoE damage passively which makes this hero an even slower farmer. However, they tried to compensate the passive component with more damage on the active ability raising the damage per strike from 40/55/7-0 to 60/75/90. This is a significant increase considering just how many times this ability hits but it does slow down his farming speed forcing you to go faring items to keep up and thus lowering his overall efficiency.

6. Underlord

Although tuned a little bit down in 7.27c, Underlord’s popularity in the offlane has skyrocketed to a staggering 55.8% win rate, making him the hero with the highest win rate of the past weeks. What makes this hero so strong is his all over buffs to his laning stage. With improved attack range (up from 150 to 175), and scaling firestorm AoE radius 400/430/460/490 he can more easily secure the wave and harass at the same time.

Previously you had to choose between doing hero damage or pushing the wave with your Q but now you can do both and zone out the enemy safelaner even more, making it way easier for you to survive that poor laning phase and secure yourself those early items that make you unkillable in the mid game.

Your passive, Atrophy Aura (E) has also been reworked to no longer provide permanent bonus damage. This is a welcomed change as many people were looking to build items that empowered your auto attacks in the late game, which usually led to poor scaling most of the time and ended up losing games. Instead, Atrophy aura becomes increasingly more powerful as you level this ability up and since 4/0/4 builds are not uncommon on Underlord, you get to benefit from additional damage and longer buff duration quite early in the game.

Lastly, Pit of Malice (W) has received a minor cooldown reduction at all levels but is mostly felt at level 1, going down from 22s to 18s making it a better spell for those who preferred a value point in the AoE root for teamfights and control.

7. Specter

Specter was slightly overturned so 7.27c has tried bringing him down to normality a bit but he does sit at an amazing 55% win rate just under the mighty Underlord. At the moment specter seems to be one of the hardest hitting heroes in the game and since the game has been slowed down in patch 7.27 he also gets plenty of time to farm up and become the late game beast he is.

His very high base health regen was reduced but is still very powerful and gives him a good landing phase. As for the rest of his kit, his desolate (W) passive has been buffed in damage to consistently hit harder by reducing the isolation search area from 500 to 425 but W has also been given a straight damage increase. The tradeoff to this spell is that no longer reduces vision so isolated heroes will be able to participate more freely in fights. It may seem like a big nerf but considering now they will just die instead, it is not as big of a deal as it seems like.

As long as you manage to secure yourself a good early game, maxing Spectral dagger (Q) and Dispersion (E) with a value point in Desolate (W) will most probably guarantee you a win as this hero has been demolishing games.

8. Crystal Maiden

Lastly, to put a support on this list Crystal Maiden is the highest win rate support of the patch sitting at almost 53%. Her changes were minimal as she only got 2 extra intelligence and 5 extra movement speed but it’s all she needed.

Her low movement speed is her biggest weakness both in the lane and later because she is very squishy and needs to be very careful with her positioning. This 5 extra MS helps her move around the map a lot more and run away from danger in fights.

Furthermore, CM has been strong in the past before but mostly what makes her shine is the nerfs to all of the other supports. Ogre sits next to her with a similar win rate but if you feel like a change in playstyle make sure to pick the glacial queen and go for the 4/1/2/0 build to maximize her lane impact and utility.

Top Dota 2 Updates – Patch 7.27 Review

As the sensational journey of Beyond Epic Dota 2 came to an end, Valve released the patch 7.27 for Dota 2. The patch came with a lot of changes in heroes as well as items. Moreover, multiple map changes are also made. Valve has given multiple buffs and nerfs to balance the game. Similarly, few things are removed from the game as the players demanded. Here are the top 10 biggest changes, patch 7.27 brought.

1. Creeps Ignoring you

The new patch brings bad news for the strength heroes. The creep ignoring feature changes the early game for strength heroes a lot. Creeps will now avoid the hero aggro until they are near enemy creeps, neutral creeps, or within the 1550 range of T1 tower. This feature will remain active until the siege units spawn, the fifth minute of the game.

2. Goodbye Prowler Camp

On high user demand, Valve decided to remove the prowler camp from the game. The purple Ancient Creeps that could root you for seconds really annoyed a lot of players. Similarly, the Ancients also had a passive that nobody was fond of. Instead of Prowler camp, more small camps are now placed in the jungle.

3. Changes in Experience and Gold

The new patch has balanced the game pretty much. Killing a hero now provides 100 (XP) experience instead of 40. Similarly, the last hit on hero kill now gives extra gold. It has now buffed to 120 + 8 * level from 99 + 7.2 * level. This is a decent rise and carries can earn more gold by taking last hits on the big kills. Also for supports, the stacking bounty has been increased from 35% to 40%. So you better expect more camp stacking by your supports in the game. The last hit bounty on Tower has also been reworked as 120/140/160/180 for T1/2/3/4 respectively.

4. Outposts Reworked

We all know about the Outpost wars before every 10-minute mark in the game. The posts provide experience to the team that holds it. The new patch comes with a reworked feature about capturing the outposts. Outposts can no longer be captured by the enemy team until they bring down one of your T2 towers. Similarly, the outpost channeling now reveals the enemy. Also, just like wards and towers, Outpost vision can now be shown by holding ALT.

5. Courier Changes

Since Valve provided personal couriers for each player in the game, there has been a hustle to keep them safe in the early game. It became more difficult for supports as their hero level increases very slowly. The patch 7.27 resolved the issue as the walking courier now converts to a flying one at level 4 from 5. The courier killing bounty has also been reduced. Also, the movement speed of the courier gets a 15% deduction while carrying the consumable items.


6. Modifications in the Towers

The new patch has also modified the towers. The T1 tower now hits with an attack speed of 110 from 100. Also, the damage of the T1 tower has been reduced from 110 to 90. Similar changes were made with T2 towers. The T2 tower now has an attack speed of 110. Moreover, the damage of the T2 reduced from 200 to 172. No further changes were made to the T3 and T4 towers.

7. Picking and Banning

The All Pick drafting has been reformed. Each team now picks two heroes in the first round of the All Pick rather than just one. The heroes are revealed once the time overs. The picking phase now works as 2/2/1. This means each team picks two heroes in the first two rounds and eventually picks the last hero in the last round. To compensate, five extra seconds have been awarded in the first two rounds of picking. Also, More heroes will be banned in each game as hero banning has been increased from 10 to 12. Besides the All Pick mode, Random Draft mode now offers a less hero pool of 33.

8. Silver Edge requires Echo Sabre

The patch has changed the recipes of a lot of items. The most important and drastic change is in the Silver Edge. The Ultimate Orb is no longer needed for a Silver Edge. However, you need to make an Echo Sabre instead of buying the Ultimate Orb to complete the Silver Edge. This change will give the chance to ranged carries to make an Echo Sabre as well. Moreover, the Silver Edge now also provides +40 damage, +12 Strength, +45 Attack Speed, +10 Intelligence, and 1.5 Mana Regan. Besides this, the Echo Sabre only provides a slow on real hero attack. This means that the Sabre will no longer work on illusions.

9. Blade Mail with a Passive

Valve has analyzed that most of the players buy the Blade Mail but forget to turn it on into the team fights. The new patch has eradicated this issue as your hero returns 20% of the attack damage passively if it has a Blade Mail. At first, a bug was spotted with the new Blade Mail update where the item started stacking the damage. However, it was immediately removed.

10. Neutral Items Reworked

Many of the neutral items have been reworked in the 7.27 patch. Some of the biggest changes included the tier 5 item Pirate Hat. The item used to steal gold on an attack which has now been changed to an active Bounty rune digging. You can dig a rune after a cooldown. The mango tree has also been worked as you can now see on the small map, where the mango tree has been planted. Another tier 5 item, Havoc Hammer now has an impact radius of 400. Also, the damage of the impact has been buffed from 225 to 275.

The new patch came with a lot of new changes in the gameplay, map, heroes, and items. Valve always tries to balance the game with a new patch. So, which of the above changes are the most interesting?

Top Dota 2 Updates – Patch 7.26b Review

Patch 7.26b has been out for a few days now and although the patch notes look very minimal it is probably one of the biggest patches of the year so far.

It looks like Valve & Icefrog want to slow things down this patch. During the online major we’ve seen some very short games that were very action-packed. While that is amazing for us the spectators can turn into stomps where one team is just running at the other and there’s not much one can do about it.

Talent Reworks & Exp changes.

To start out with what is the simplest change to understand, all talents are now about 20% weaker. So talents that usually would give you 20 attack speed will probably only be around 15 now. 10 strength is now 8 strength and so forth.

But what happens to talents that don’t have numerical values or just empower certain effects. Well, those remain unchanged.

They definitely want to make the mid-game less snowbally and slow it down because from levels 9 to 13 the experience required to level up has been increased.

Talent Reworks & Exp changes DOTA 2 7.26 update

Denies and Creep Changes

Denies aren’t as powerful anymore. When you denied a creep, you would previously gain some gold from it but that has now been removed. Furthermore, the played on the other side used to receive only 40% of the experience when a creep got denied, but now he gains 50%.

This is a small increase but will turn out to be better for the players behind, especially in the midlane. Furthermore, melee creeps now have their bounty increased by 5gold.

It also looks like the jungle is going to be back as neutral creeps bounties have been increased back by 10%. This will mean the return of the likes of TA, Alchemist, Bristleback, SF mid who enjoy pushing out waves fast and go hit neutrals.

Make sure to buy sentries & wards to block camps and stop the midlane snowball.


Tower Buffs

Tower Buffs changes DOTA 2 7.26 update.png

In another attempt to slow down the game, towers have received significant buffs. Tier 2 and above towers have their health increased by 500 and damage by 25.

This is quite a significant buff as towers will take longer to clear and glyphed ones can now pack a more powerful AoE punch against waves & heroes. But it doesn’t stop here. Towers also provide a healing regen aura around them next to their armor buff. +1 hp/s for T1 and +3 hp/s for all other towers.


What does it all mean?

It looks like we might be heading into a farming meta. Neutral items have also had their drop windows readjusted to be delayed by a few minutes in the midgame.

Both Valve & Icefrog seem to want to create longer & more strategic games where players can’t just simply rely on just grouping up into a death ball and end the game pre 30 minutes.

We are probably going to see a lot more farm and different team compositions with more late-game oriented carries such as Anti mage & Jugg.

Dota 2 Updates - Patch 7.26

Lastly, buybacks have suffered some nerfs as reliable gold is now only given for passive income which means it’s going to be harder to skin the death timer. Dying is going to starve you of more gold and so you will have to be more strategic with when to group and fight.

Top Dota 2 Updates – Patch 7.25 Review

Patch 7.25 has brought some major shifts in the game meta. We see games end way earlier now and a lot of new heroes being picked up left and right. With every new meta, there are new opportunities to grow in MMR, but only if you are very quick on learning the changes and keeping up to date with what’s going on.

So without any further delay, here are the top changes you need to be aware of that came with patch 7.25.

Hero Selection changed in All Pick

Banning heroes used to be random in public matchmaking but now it has changed and seems to be better structured. Before you would select a hero and it would randomly get chosen if it is banned or not.

Hero Selection changed in All Pick

Now in 7.25 both teams get 5 rounds to pick their heroes at the same time. The picks will not show to the enemy until the end of the round. If the same hero gets chosen in any round by both teams, the player who picked it last gets extra time to pick another.

As for the bans, now every hero selected for banning has a 50% chance to get removed from the pool, instead of it being random. If there are less than 10 heroes banned, the most commonly banned heroes in your MMR bracket will be subjected to the 50/50 roll. This means that on average, you should have around 5 heroes banned every game.

Additionally, in Captain’s Mode, the banning phase was changed from 3/2/1 to 4/1/1, meaning there are more bans in the first phase and less in the second.

More Gold for Teamfighting

Patch 7.25 came with new changes to the way gold gained from getting kills in team fights is calculated. While dissecting the formulas is a long and tedious process, we’ll just give you guys the end result. More gold, especially in the early game.

Also, hero sprees are now being punished more heavily as both the minimum and maximum gold & XP giving when ending a spree has been increased. This means that when you lose your killing streak, you’ll be giving away even more gold to the enemy team. So be careful out there and stop playing so risky when you are beyond godlike.

More Gold for Teamfighting

Item Changes

A lot of items have been changed in patch 7.25. Many have received small tweaks here and there but we do notice a huge trend in this patch that has changed the meta immediately.
Icefrog seems to really like items that give passive HP & mana regeneration, such as ring of regeneration, headdress & ring of basilius. All of these items have been buffed and their passive regen is now significantly impacting the way lanes are played.

Players have started buying a lot less consumables and instead are going with these items. The advantage of this is that all of these items build into something else, allowing you to hit your timings way earlier than before.

However, this doesn’t mean you won’t have to fly in a salve and some clarities from time to time if there is high amounts of pressure on your lane.

Necronomicon & Blademail have had their total cost reduced making them way more viable now and we notice heroes that benefit from these items pick them up more frequently. Blademail is now one of the most cost-efficient items for intellect heroes as it provides around 40 dmg for just 2000 gold alongside a lot of armor and int.



No meta patch would be complete without changes to TP scrolls and it’s impact of the game. Being able to teleport around the map is one of the key aspects of Dota 2 that separates it from all the other MOBA games.

TP scrolls have had their cost increased from 50 to 90. This is quite a significant rise and supports will be able to feel it in their gold stash, however, with the increase in gold gained from team fights, it isn’t as bad as it could have been.


Furthermore, boots of travel have been reworked in patch 7.25 and they no longer have an active ability. Their passive movement speed bonus has been buffed and what they do now reduce the cooldown of your scrolls to 40s. Teleporting will no longer consume scroll charges.

This is a huge change because in the previous patch you could use BoT s to teleport to creep waves and then return back to base with regular TP scrolls, but now this isn’t possible anymore, thus nerfing heroes who enjoyed being all over the place.

Hero Changes

While heroes are being adjusted and changed all the time we noticed a new meta coming out right after patch 7.25 and some of these heroes hold disgusting win rates of over 60% in the higher brackets of MMR.

To see the heroes that have been the winners of patch 7.25 you can read our full article on this topic here.

But to keep it short, most of the heroes that are the strongest this meta revolves around team pushing towers & team fighting.

More regen & less total cost on early game items combined with small buffs to a couple of heroes have completely busted the meta into a pushing fiesta. Lycan who has received some extra regeneration & 4 more seconds on his ultimate is the most banned hero at the moment and has a 65% win rate when he goes through.

Other heroes such as Furion, Death Prophet & Beast Master also see crazy amounts of wins in their games simply due to the fact that it’s all about pushing & with earlier timings, these heroes now spike incredibly fast, leaving the opponents optionless.

On the other hand, we see a resurgence of heavy control heroes like Mars & Clockwork in an attempt to counter the heavy pushing lineups now.

Hero Changes - DOTA patch 7.25

This concludes our top changes for Patch 7.25. We expect to see multiple adjustments coming over the next few patches but the meta has seemed to form and is looking to stay here a while until they decide to change some other mechanics.

Now that you know what the biggest changes are, adapt and good luck in your public games.

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Top Dota 2 Updates – Patch 7.24 Review

Dota 2 is one of the biggest games in the world and it’s undeniably the most amount of money for a single tournament in esports. In their attempt to literally play for a chance to become a millionaire, players need to be constantly watching the patch notes and stay up to date with the latest trends.

Let’s take a look and break down the biggest changes that took place throughout 7.23 and still carry on today in 7.24.

Outposts Added & Shrines Removed

If you’ve taken a break from the game, coming back to the new map will shock you as there have been a lot of changes in terms of structures, map layout but also jungle camps. The primary thing you need to be aware of is the complete removal of shrines and the addition of Outposts. 

The outposts are buildings that give you and your team a solid experience boost every 10 minutes. Similar to bounties, they are placed in the dire and radiant jungle, giving each team easy access to 1 of them. 

Players can teleport to shrines, but it takes 6 seconds making it harder to rotate to that side of the map with more than just one player. However, dire is considered to have an advantage due to their outpost being closer to Roshan.

GPM Talents Removed

Some lanes had courier priority and it would become a very unpleasant experience for everybody else. So in 7.23 everybody received their own scaling courier to make it a smoother early and late-game experience for all players. 

With 10 couriers on the map and observer wards becoming free and a ton of new items that drop from neutrals, there’s simply a lot more gold flowing around and therefore all gpm talents have been removed and replaced.

Every player has a new item slot that is only for keeping your neutral item and you can only have 1 active at a time now. Make sure you go into the settings and set a separate keybind for it so you don’t forget to use their active effect.


Snapfire & Void Spirit added to Captains Mode

Captain’s mode is the most frequently used in competitive games and tournaments. The two new heroes that have been teased at TI have now been added to captains mode and makes for an interesting shift in the competitive meta.

They are both in a really solid place at the moment and you could benefit greatly by learning to play with or against them.

UI and Quality of Life Changes

Besides the usual hero buffs, nerfs and changes, there have been some user interface and quality of life modifications added to provide a more pleasant experience.

Every charge based ability now has a cleaner design and the number of charges will now show on top of the ability icon rather than appearing in the hero buffs section.

Melee heroes now will also be able to safely deward observers placed on cliffs as the range melee range against wards has been increased by 150. This makes dewarding as a melee more consistent and removes the need for melee supports to carry a quelling blade 40 minutes into the game. Also because instant dewarding with quelling has also been removed.

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