Top Dota 2 Updates 7.24

Top Dota 2 Updates You Need To Know

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Top Dota 2 Updates – Patch 7.24 Review

Dota 2 is one of the biggest games in the world and it’s undeniably the most amount of money for a single tournament in esports. In their attempt to literally play for a chance to become a millionaire, players need to be constantly watching the patch notes and stay up to date with the latest trends.

Let’s take a look and break down the biggest changes that took place throughout 7.23 and still carry on today in 7.24.

Outposts Added & Shrines Removed

If you’ve taken a break from the game, coming back to the new map will shock you as there have been a lot of changes in terms of structures, map layout but also jungle camps. The primary thing you need to be aware of is the complete removal of shrines and the addition of Outposts. 

The outposts are buildings that give you and your team a solid experience boost every 10 minutes. Similar to bounties, they are placed in the dire and radiant jungle, giving each team easy access to 1 of them. 

Players can teleport to shrines, but it takes 6 seconds making it harder to rotate to that side of the map with more than just one player. However, dire is considered to have an advantage due to their outpost being closer to Roshan.

GPM Talents Removed

Some lanes had courier priority and it would become a very unpleasant experience for everybody else. So in 7.23 everybody received their own scaling courier to make it a smoother early and late-game experience for all players. 

With 10 couriers on the map and observer wards becoming free and a ton of new items that drop from neutrals, there’s simply a lot more gold flowing around and therefore all gpm talents have been removed and replaced.

Every player has a new item slot that is only for keeping your neutral item and you can only have 1 active at a time now. Make sure you go into the settings and set a separate keybind for it so you don’t forget to use their active effect.




Snapfire & Void Spirit added to Captains Mode

Captain’s mode is the most frequently used in competitive games and tournaments. The two new heroes that have been teased at TI have now been added to captains mode and makes for an interesting shift in the competitive meta.

They are both in a really solid place at the moment and you could benefit greatly by learning to play with or against them.

UI and Quality of Life Changes

Besides the usual hero buffs, nerfs and changes, there have been some user interface and quality of life modifications added to provide a more pleasant experience.

Every charge based ability now has a cleaner design and the number of charges will now show on top of the ability icon rather than appearing in the hero buffs section.

Melee heroes now will also be able to safely deward observers placed on cliffs as the range melee range against wards has been increased by 150. This makes dewarding as a melee more consistent and removes the need for melee supports to carry a quelling blade 40 minutes into the game. Also because instant dewarding with quelling has also been removed.

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