Top 5 Mid Lane Heroes in Dota 2 7.26c

Top 5 Mid Lane Heroes in Dota 2 7.26c

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The Dota 2 patches have been coming now and then and it keeps changing the professional meta quite a lot. Unlike the professional meta where all the games are played with some extreme coordination, pub meta is mostly dependent on a solo hero. Most of the players are trying to queue the match as a carry role to make their hero the strongest and win the game. Let’s look at the top 5 mid lane heroes in Dota 2 for the patch 7.26c. This data has been analyzed between the rank medals of Divine and Immortal.


Tinker has been the best mid lane hero in recent weeks so far. The pick rate for the hero is 4.67% and the win rate is 48.54%. Most of the players are rushing the blink dagger with Tinker in the early game. Once you are done with the dagger and boots of travel, you can start hunting in different lanes and secure a lot of early kills. Tinker is also very much famous because of its ability to farm faster than most of the mid lane heroes.
The “March of the Machines” spell boost up the farm. This provides a massive advantage to the hero on all others as you can be the stronger one in less time. Similarly, as the average game duration has been reduced in patch 7.26c, Tinker is the most favorite pick for the mid as in this short time you can get a lot of farm. Tinker also has a great high-ground advantage. You can just stay in the fountain and release the Heat-Seeking Missiles and whichever enemy stays in your vision, gets hit by it. Overall, Tinker secures the top spot as it is very good with early game pressures as well as the late-game comebacks.

Storm Spirit

Storm Spirit has been one of the best mid lane heroes so far. The pick rate of the hero is 13.87% and the win rate is 48.37%. Although the pick rate of the hero is far greater than Tinker, the win rate is slightly less. The hero is ranked second in the list as Storm Spirit is a little difficult to control in the early phase of the game. Similarly, the hero is a little vulnerable in the early phase.
Bloodstone was the most famous item on Storm Spirit that has now been replaced and gamers prefer making Orchid Malevolence in patch 7.26c. Storm Spirit’s passive ability “Overload” is a very much useful ability in farming the jungle camps. As the damage is done in a specific radius, you can eat the camps more fastly.

Shadow Fiend

Shadow Fiend is one of the most aggressive mid lane heroes. The pick rate for the hero is 11.72% and the win rate is 45.03%. The fact that the pick rate of the hero is very high speaks for itself. People try different techniques on the hero as there are plenty of options available for Shadow Fiend to initiate a team fight. Players mostly decide between Blink Dagger, Eul’s Scepter, and Shadow Blade.
With the help of the newly updated Requiem of Souls ultimate, Shadow Fiend roams around actively to hunt enemies. This gives Shadow Fiend a lot more team fight control. Similarly, Shadow Fiend is very good at clearing the jungles very quickly. Shadowrazes are the simplest way of eating jungle camps within seconds. Quick jungle clearance means quick neutral items and team power spike.





Invoker is one of the most difficult and dangerous mid lane heroes in Dota 2. The pick rate for the hero is 9.65% and the win rate is 48.06%. In the current patch, most players rush Spirit Vessel to actively roam around the map and get the kills with the help of Cold Snap combo.
In the 7.26c update, Valve has given a buff to Invoker’s talents. The level 10 talent now provides you the damage of Chaos Meteor Contact from 30 to 50. This talent is very useful mostly when you play Invoker and want to initiate the team fight. Invoker is also considered as a nuker and very much useful when it comes to farming the jungle using Forge Spirit.

Outworld Devourer

Outworld Devourer is considered one of the best lane dominator heroes in Dota 2. The pick rate for the hero is 4.08% and the win rate is 46.84%. The fact that the hero is a nuker and has a disable ability, it easily dominates the lane. Most of the gamers go for an early Blink Dagger to gank in different lanes and secure some kills.
In the latest update, Outworld Devourer has received a lot of buffs. The spell “Essence Flux” has been increased from 44% to 50%. Similarly, the talents have also been given so much buff that the pick rate of the hero is going up with every single week passing. More armor choice has been given in the talents and the base damage of the ultimate of the hero has been increased from 300 to 350. This major change has revived the hero and a lot of people are now picking it for the mid lane.


In the above article, the top five best mid lane heroes in Dota 2 have been discussed. There are plenty of heroes that are very much suitable for the mid lane. Patch 7.26c has given a buff to some of the heroes, similarly, it has nerfed some as well. The top five best mid lane carries have been analyzed and according to their pick rate and win rate ratio, all of them have been given a ranking. The data has been collected for the rank medals of divine and immortals. Besides the ranking, some major changes in the heroes and some useful items have also been discussed.

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