Top 10 Basic Mechanics of Dota 2

Top 10 Basic Mechanics of Dota 2

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Dota 2 is one of the most famous multiplayer online battle arena games. The game is quite hard to play as there are plenty of things that a player needs to understand in order to perform well in it. Dota 2 has a hero pool of 119 heroes and each hero comes with new abilities. Every game brings up a new situation and only the player who understands the mechanics, would rule it. There are numerous things to understand like positioning, farming, bounties, knowing when to fight, understanding your role, and many more.

Here are the top 10 basic mechanics of Dota 2 that you need to learn.

Basic Positioning

In order to perform better in your games, you need to learn the basic positioning of your hero. You need to look at the mini-map more often so you keep yourself aware of the enemy and farm in the safe zone. Similarly, you need to understand the high-ground advantage as you will have a vision about what is in front of you and you won’t miss an attack.

Know When they See You

You need to be aware of your enemy all the time. If you are not ready to get into a team fight yet, you must know the basics of retreating. You should be aware of the fact that the enemy team has seen you on the map and escaping is the best option at the moment.

Prioritizing Towers and Items

Object-based gaming is very essential in Dota 2. Taking towers when you win a team fight should be your first priority. Similarly, understanding the item build on each hero is compulsory. Each game brings up a new scenario and under each scenario, different item build works.

Types of Creeps and Bounties

Understanding the different kinds of creeps is very important as killing a ranged creep gives you a different bounty than a melee. Similarly, after every 7 and a half minutes in a game, all the creeps get a buff in their health, bounty, and damage. If you are aware of these little details, you can capture better results.

Creeps and Tower Aggro

In a lane or in a team fight, you might have to jump under the enemy tower. In order to avoid the tower from hitting you, learning tower aggro is a very important mechanic. Tower aggro could be used in different ways. It can be used for your benefit or for saving yourself. Creeps can also be used to shift the tower to hit them instead of you. Similarly, you can also aggro the tower to a friendly unit by clicking the denial button on the unit or you can get out of the range of the tower.

Group Selecting and Casting

There are plenty of heroes that may feature secondary units and you might have to handle both at the same time. Group selecting is a technique that makes handling multiple units very easy. All you need to do is drag your left click upon all the targets you need to group. Similarly, there are hero spells that will allow you to select between auto-cast or manual-cast. Auto-cast will cast the specific spell on the nearest target every time its cooldown is over. Moreover, another option that is quick-cast, will let you cast the spell in the direction of your hero facing. The quick-casted spell will cast immediately to the nearest unit as well.


Courier Mechanics and Hot-keys

Understanding courier mechanics is very important as it may change your hero farming speed. Your courier automatically turns into a flying courier as your hero reaches level 5 in the game. There are options available for the courier boost and invulnerability. Similarly, there are hot-keys available for the courier as well. You can select the courier, send it to the secret shop, boost it up, make it invulnerable, and buy the items when it is at the secret shop. Using the hot-keys to do this all instead of clicking on the courier options makes you control the courier much faster.

Buying Mechanics

In order to farm quickly, understanding buying mechanics is very important. If you have an item available on your hero and you need another item but the new item comes with the combination of your current item, you can disassemble your current item and mix it with the new one. This way, you can get new items quickly. Similarly, you get a stash where you hold the items but they are not equipped. You can also drop the items from your stash directly into your base.

Standard Ability Build

The ability-build on each hero can be different in each game, depending upon the situation. In order to learn the basics, you need to follow the standard ability-build on each hero and follow this build in each game. It can help you master the hero and understand the abilities more.

Last Hitting and Denying Units

Understanding your hero damage and last hitting the units makes you more comfortable with your farming pace. Securing more last hits provides more gold and experience. During the early phases of the game, more last hitting dominates the lane. Similarly, denying friendly units is very important. It prevents enemies from capturing any kind of experience or gold. You can deny any friendly creep if its health is less than a specific number. You can use the last hit and deny techniques on towers as well. Taking the last hit on the enemy tower will provide you more experience and denying your own tower will prevent the enemies from having any experience and gold.


Dota 2 is a vast game that includes numerous things going on at the same time. To become better at the game, learning small details and basic mechanics is very important. In the above article, some of the top basic mechanics have been shared. There are plenty of other basics as well but these tricks could easily provide you a better picture of the game.

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