The Top 3 Most Complex Heroes To Play In DOTA 2

The Top 3 Most Complex Heroes To Play In DOTA 2

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Dota 2, at its core, is a complex game. It’s not particularly difficult to learn its basics, but the real work comes when you try to delve deeper into the game’s intricate mechanics, a point at which, you have to up the ante, with regards to your main hero of choice.

As you should know, not all heroes are made equal to DOTA. Some are pretty easy to get a hang of, while others require a ton of mechanical skill to get results with, but the reward for actually knowing how to use these complex heroes is huge.

On that note, here’s a look at the five most complex heroes to play on DOTA 2;


Invoker is one of the most complex heroes on Dota, but not only that, but he’s also one of the most versatile, as he can be deployed as a carry, semi-carry, ganker, pusher, or even as a support player.

He’s one of those heroes that, if you manage to master, gives you an incredible edge in the game – in a way, it’s fair to say Invoker is in a class of his own.

Invoker is a complex hero in the sense that while most heroes typically have four or five abilities, Invoker has 14 abilities in his arsenal, and these skills are ‘invoked’ from three main skills namely Quen, Wex and Extort.

The combination of any of these three skills triggers specific abilities, so a large part of Invoker’s complexity is centered around learning the combinations required to trigger a particular ability.

If you’re new to Dota, you’d do well to shy away from Invoker, at least until you’ve gotten a proper hang of the game.





Meepo is an incredibly tricky hero. It’s hard enough having to control one hero in the game, but Meepo takes things up a notch by making you control multiple Meepos.

You see, when Meepo levels up to different points, he “clones” himself, giving you three, four, or even five Meepos to play with.

Now, while having some extra manpower can give you a huge advantage, there’s a huge catch to Meepo’s cloning ability – when one Meepo dies, they all die, making him as much of a liability as he is an asset.

Meepo is one of those heroes that you simply can’t play until you’ve truly mastered him as a character, and taken your overall Dota game sense to a super high level.

If you play him as a beginner, well, good luck.



Chen, like Meepo, is a character with good upside and an annoying downside. Chen is a ranged intelligence who can control creeps with his signature ability – holy persuasion – and that ability, on its own, makes him difficult to play with considering the different variables that come into play while controlling another creature.

However, Chen’s ability can be a real asset in the jungle if you have great map awareness as you will be able to use the creeps under his control to your advantage.

But outside of that ability, Chen has a low health pool, which means you have to really be skilled at playing Chen to make the most of his ability.


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