Top CSGO updates you need to know

Top CS:GO Updates You Need To Know

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CS:GO February Updates Review

Counter Strike Global Offensive is one of the best competitive shooters available on PC.

First released in 2012, CS:GO has garnered a reputation as one of the most followed and most played competitive games, primarily due to its large skill gap, rewarding player progression system, solid game mechanics and consistent updates.

Being a legacy title, CS:GO relies on regular patches to stay relevant and retain its playerbase.

Eight years since the game’s release, this system has been working perfectly, striking a solid balance between a ‘tryhard’ competitive player base and a purely casual set of players who play the game as a pass-time.

So far this month, CS:GO has received a decent amount of updates, here’s a comprehensive review of the changes the game has undergone so far in February;

New Communication System

February marked the arrival of a new patch that revamped CS:GO’s communication system. Following tons of reports centered on player abuse, Valve has gone a step further to introduce a new system that will give players warnings if they receive a significant amount of abuse reports.

Being a competitive title, passions are expected to flare at different points in the game, sometimes prompting players to hurl abuse at one another – this is common across most, if not all, competitive gaming communities, however, it is not acceptable, hence Valve has introduced a new system to reduce instances of abuse on the game, by muting players with a tendency to get reported.

This system was introduced to make the CS:GO community a safer gaming environment where players don’t have to worry too much about receiving hate or discriminatory messages from other players on the game.

As the new system is based around reports, players are able to set their own standards for communication that ensures that the CS:GO player base will receive some anonymous feedback when they’re guilty of sending abuse.

A few small changes were also made to the communication system, here’s a look at them;

  • Reporting a player will now automatically mute them.
  • Muting a player will now automatically hide their name and their avatar.

Want to learn more about communication? Watch our lesson with Maniac about the “Rules of Communication”. 

Ballistic Shield Buff

From knife to fist to axe attacks, following the new patch, the Danger Zone’s ballistic shield is now able to block all melee attacks thrown at it, offering players a solid way to protect themselves, head-on from melee attacks.


Game Language Accessibility

Valve has introduced support for Greek, Vietnamese and Spanish-Latinoamerica languages, probably due to an increase in the player activity across the countries that speak those languages.

Changes to the Map

The February patch introduced some changes to the map, a bunch of which were mainly centered on aesthetics.

The new patch has reduced the game’s fog density as well as the size of the grass while also altering the lighting in some areas across different locations in the game.

More loot crates have also been added to the game, along with some cover props, aimed at making the map less open.

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