5 Ways to Score More Goals On FIFA 20

5 Ways to Score More Goals On FIFA 20

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FIFA 20, at its core, can be broken down into two simple things – defense and attack.

While defending is a key part of the game, knowing how to attack is a far more essential skill, due to how easy it is for things to go wrong while defending.

Being a good attacker on FIFA 20 involves being able to pose a goalscoring threat throughout the course of a match.

Here are 5 ways you can do just that;


Launch More Attacks

Far too many FIFA players pass the ball about aimlessly – keeping lots of possession but barely testing their opponent’s goalkeeper.

While this approach gives you more ‘control’ in a match, it severely limits your goalscoring potential, limiting you to one, maybe two goals per game if you’re lucky.

Every attack you launch is a potential goal, so If you want to put the ball past your opponent’s goalkeeper more often, launching more attacks is the way to go.


Use The Right Players

An artist needs the right tools to produce a masterpiece, just like you need players with the right combination of stats to truly become a goalscoring machine on FIFA 20.

Think about it…you can’t use players with bad attributes and expect them to perform like beasts.

The most important stats for a forward are pace, finishing, agility, balance, and composure.

There are other attributes such as passing, shot power and even height, but for the most part, strikers with solid ratings across the first five stats will be able to perform at a high level.

If your players are lacking in these departments, you’d do well to upgrade them in a bid to boost your goalscoring potential on FIFA 20.


Be Unpredictable

Defending on FIFA 20 is largely centered around predicting what your opponent is going to do in certain situations.

Being unpredictable will make you borderline impossible to defend against, which in turn, will allow you to score more goals against your opponents.

It’s not particularly hard to be unpredictable with your attacks on FIFA 20, you just need to prevent your opponent from getting accustomed to your style of play.

A solid example of this would be attacking through the flanks instead of looking for a pass through the middle all the time.


Use More Skill Moves

Skill moves are an essential part of attacking in FIFA.

You can score goals without using them, but incorporating skill moves into your style of play just makes it easier to breeze past your opponent’s defense and score goals.

Simple skill moves like the fake shot, the ball roll, and the drag back are effective enough to help you dribble past players in 1 v 1 situation.

They help you create space in tight areas, giving you great opportunities to test your opponent’s goalkeeper.


Use the Right Tactics

Tactics play a major role in your prolificacy on FIFA 20. They determine stuff like how your team will shape-up in-game, how often your players will make runs, how high your defensive line will be and whatnot.

If your tactics are centered around defending and keeping your defense on lockdown, you’ll struggle to consistently create goalscoring opportunities.

In a bid to score more goals, you need to adopt a more attacking tactical set-up while also making sure that your team is balanced enough to thwart incoming attacks.

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