5 Tips To Play Carry More Effectively On DOTA 2

5 Tips To Play Carry More Effectively In Dota 2

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As the name suggests, carries are incredibly crucial to their team’s success in a Dota match.

They typically struggle to exert their influence in the early game due to low attack damage, but as a match transitions into the late game, their power and influence grow exponentially.

As a carry, you’re responsible for ‘carrying’ your team to victory in the late game, here are five tips on how you can do that effectively;


Pick Your Battles Wisely

As a carry, you can’t jump into a team fight every single time your teammates are in danger.

Ideally, you should rarely enter into battles at all, and just focus on farming the creep wave going into the late game, unless of course, you happen to spot an opportunity to steal a kill, then by all means go for it – but for the most part, you’re better off farming and keeping your hero safe in the early game.


Don’t Get Caught Up In the Jungle

While it’s important to farm and avoid an unnecessary death as a carry, you shouldn’t spend all your time in the jungle as your presence could be used in other areas across the map.

You need to focus on being as efficient as possible by playing the map and getting things done while also staying safe in a bid to bolster your team’s chances of success.

You could launch solo kills on enemy heroes that your hero won’t have a difficult time against or even push lanes on the map when your opponents are grouped up in another location.

Map Awareness

Map awareness is important in every position but more so as a carry.

You need to constantly check the map in a bid to be aware of your enemy’s movements.

Knowing your opponent’s movements will give you a solid idea of their gameplan, which will in turn allow you to farm more effectively in the early game and avoid getting ganked.



Don’t initiate team fights

Your job as a carry is to deal heavy damage in the late game, but when a team-fight is set to begin, you shouldn’t be the one to initiate it, as starting the fight will put you on the frontlines and expose your hero to a lot of damage.

When you play as a carry you’re responsible for dealing most of the damage in the late game, so if your hero dies, your team will be left without their main source of power.

So always let your teammates do the initiating, and you focus on dealing loads of damage with your attacks when the fights begin.


Score Those Last-Hits

Scoring last-hits is crucial to your role as a carry. You need them to maximize your farming potential.

They will allow you to build up your net worth as fast as possible as you progress through the early game, giving you, and your teammates a solid advantage.

Ideally, you should aim to get around 50 last-hits every 10 minutes if you’re in a contested lane – in an uncontested lane, that number should be slightly higher – anything past 60 last-hits would be ideal.


Watch a Carry MasterClass

As an extra tip to help you get better at position 1, we’ve asked pro players to help us create an ultimate guide around this topic and so we’ve collaborated with the promising Bulgarian talent Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolov to create a 4hour class on how to become the ultimate carry player.

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