5 Super Subs To Sign For Under 200k Coins

5 Super Subs To Sign For Under 200k Coins

Jonas FIFA, Guides

A quality super sub can be the difference between a comeback or a defeat.

With the Team of the Season promo currently underway, the transfer market has been flooded with a bunch of new OP cards. A lot of these cards are pretty affordable and are capable of making a major impact on your team off the bench.

On that note, here’s a look at five of the best super subs you can sign for under 200k coins;


TOTS Moses Simon

Price: 134k

Moses Simon is an absolute menace upfront. He’s the perfect player to bring on when you’re looking to make a comeback as he boasts a ton of pace and nimble footwork.

Being 5’6, Simon isn’t built for physical duels – his height, however, makes him perfect for breaking down sturdy defensive lines. His diminutive frame grants him a low centre of gravity which when combined with his agility (99) and balance (99) makes him an insane dribbler.

With the ball at Moses’ feet, your left analog stick will feel like a magic wand.

Moses also possesses 85 finishing and 92 shot power, alongside a five-star weak foot, giving you an extra element of unpredictability when you break into your opponent’s 18-yard-area.

You can’t go wrong with Simon as a super sub.


TOTS Edin Visca

Price: 70k

TOTS Edin Visca is one of the most underrated cards on Ultimate Team right now.

If Visca’s TOTS card offered better chemistry links, his FUT item would undoubtedly cost an insane amount of coins, but the fact that he’s hard to fit into a starting XI has given him a very affordable 70k coin price tag.

The Bosnian winger possesses 96 pace, which is perfect for exploiting your opponents’ low stamina in the latter stages of a match.

In addition to his pace, Visca’s dribbling is Messi-esque. He feels incredibly smooth on the ball due in large part to his ability and balance both of which are rated 99.

He also boasts 91 finishing and 91 shot power which allows you to find the back of the net from tight angles.



Price: 197k

TOTS Rafa stands out as one of the best cards in the Team of the Season Liga NOS lineup.

With 97 dribbling and 99 pace, there aren’t many players better suited to scoring goals off the bench than the Portuguese winger.

Unlike his base card which possesses a three-star weak foot, Rafa’s TOTS card boasts a four-star weak foot – an upgrade intended by EA to make his TOTS card feel overpowered.

Scoring goals won’t be an issue thanks to Rafa’s 93 rated finishing stat. He’s also great at creating goalscoring opportunities as evidenced by his 86 rated passing stat.

For just shy of 200k, TOTS Rafa is the complete package. He’s sure to make a major impact when you need him to.


TOTS Odegaard

Price: 200k

Danish Prodigy Martin Odegaard earned himself a TOTS card following his impressive performances on loan at Real Sociedad before the league was forced to go on a break.

His TOTS card is nothing short of amazing, but due to his poor chemistry links, he’s more or less impossible to fit into a squad unless your team is centred around the La Liga.

Being an OP card, though, TOTS Odegaard would make a great super sub as he boasts solid stats across the board.

He’s got 92 pace, 99 shot power and 98 dribbling – what really stands out amongst his stats, though, is his passing.

Odegaard possesses 99 vision, 99 crossing, 97 short passing, 89 long passing and 92 curve. He’s the very definition of a midfield maestro.

It’s such a shame he’s hard to link, but at least you can still enjoy his incredible stats as a super sub.


TOTS Moussa Dembele

Price: 49k

Standing at 6’0 and boasting 95 strength, Olympique Lyon’s Moussa Dembele is one of the best super subs you can sign to play as a striker.

He’s got the pace (93), the agility (90) and the finishing (94) to excel as a centre-forward off the bench. The Frenchman is also quite dominant in the air thanks to his 93 rated heading accuracy stat.

Few players are able to combine raw power and raw skill as well as Dembele, so for just 49k coins, you’d be getting a solid striker capable of turning a game on its head when he’s called upon.


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