5 Expert Habits of Pro Esport Players

5 Expert Habits of Pro Esport Players

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Over the years, gaming has gone from being a casual pass-time to a viable career choice for those who possess the skills to play competitively at the highest level of an Esport title. We’re now at a point where nearly every online multiplayer game has some sort of Esport scene.

Becoming a pro Esport player isn’t easy though – even across the realm of any competitive game, there are different tiers of players – the casuals, the tryhards, and the full-on pros. Going from a casual to a try-hard isn’t particularly difficult, as it just requires a time-based investment on the player’s part – but becoming a pro is a completely different ball game entirely.

On that note, here’s a look at 5 Expert Habits of Pro Esport Players;

Identify The META

Every video game has techniques and tactics that are more effective than others when it comes to performing certain tasks that can potentially help you win games – these tactics are commonly referred to as the ‘META’, meaning, the most effective tactics available.

To successfully compete at the highest level of any video game, you need to be well versed with the game’s META, means that, you need to know the game’s mechanics inside out to the point where you’re able to exploit any mechanic in the game without flinching – giving yourself an extra advantage.


Reinventing The Wheel

While a large section of a game’s player base tends to make use of the META, pro players take it a step further.

Contrary to what many believe, the META is not set in stone. If you look hard enough, you might be able to find some new ‘secret’ methods for performing certain tasks in a game more easily thus reinventing the wheel, and creating your own META.

This in a way is one of the biggest differences between a tryhard and a pro.

Tryhards use whatever META has been discovered and publicized, while pros are constantly looking to create their own META, in a bid to maintain an element of unpredictability.

A solid example of this can be taken from Tekken’s Esport scene, with Rangchu, who made a name for himself by making use of arguably the most overlooked character on the game – Panda.





Consistent Practice

The ‘pro’ in Esports means professional, hence, pro players don’t treat gaming as a hobby, they treat it like a lifestyle – which means they’re almost always practicing with other high-level players in an attempt to sharpen their skills and learn new things.

It gets to a point in a player’s skill level where they’re only able to improve marginally at an Esport, but considering the fact that at pro level, everybody’s abilities are pretty much on par with each other – a 0.1% increase in a players skill level can be considered huge because it instantly puts them above some of their peers.

Becoming a Specialist

Pro players are always well-grounded in the general aspects of their Esport, however, it is common practice for pros to focus on gaining mastery of one thing within the game they play.

This ranges from mastering the use of a specific character, like Rangchu in Tekken, mastering a specific aspect of a game, Like Fnatic Tekkz with his skill moves on FIFA, or even becoming well versed at performing a specific role, like Team Liquid’s Jensen on League of Legends.


Reviewing Their Games

Pro players take their job very seriously, and in a bid to improve their skills and learn from their mistakes, they tend to study footage of their own games, to identify things they could’ve done differently in certain instances, and work on improving those things going forward.

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