4 Reasons You Should Be Excited For Volta in FIFA 21

4 Reasons You Should Be Excited For Volta in FIFA 21

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EA introduced Volta to the FIFA community last year, in a bid to fill the void left by Alex Hunter’s Journey trilogy.

Boasting a story mode of its own, as well as its own unique gameplay style, Volta was poised to serve as an escape from the competitiveness of Ultimate Team, and act as a mode where players can have fun with skill moves in a street football-style environment.

While Volta was pretty good in FIFA 20, it lacked a “wow factor” capable of keeping players hooked, but going into FIFA 21, EA appears to have worked to transform Volta into a more immersive mode.

Here’s a look at four reasons why you should be excited for Volta in FIFA 21;

Volta Squads

FIFA has a unique theme this year – social gaming. FIFA 21 is centred around providing its players with a more interactive and social gaming experience, which is why EA introduced a co-op mode to Ultimate team and added a revamped online mode to Volta called Volta squads

Volta squads allows you to team up with your friends and other members of the FIFA community for 5-a-side online team play – granting you the ability to enjoy a more social experience on Volta by sharing laughs and flexing your skill moves.

It is arguably the most important addition to the mode this year – be sure to try it out with your friends when you get your hands on FIFA 21.


Gameplay Revamp

EA has updated Volta’s gameplay with the aim of creating a more free-flowing and dynamic gameplay experience for its users – and the new agile dribbling mechanic plays a major role helping them achieve that aim.

Being a small-sided game mode, the ability to make precise movements with the ball is incredibly key – the agile dribbling mechanic grants you the ability to control the ball in tight spaces and burst past defenders in 1 v 1 situations.

To utilize agile-dribbling all you need to do is press R1 or RB and move the left analog stick.

In addition to agile dribbling, EA has also introduced a nutmeg mechanic to the game – allowing you to dribble past players by passing the ball through their legs.

To perform a nutmeg Hold L1 + R1 or Hold LB + RB and flick the right analog stick to where you want the ball to go.

Changes To The Shooting System

The goal-posts are pretty small in Volta, so EA has made changes to its shooting mechanic in a bid to ensure that the shooting system is better equipped for the size of the posts.

This means that shooting is more ‘assisted’ on Volta when there’s a goalkeeper in the posts – but if you’re playing a rush match (without goalkeepers present in both teams), then the shooting system will remain manual in order to keep the game balanced.

Attacking Intelligence

Street-style football is known for its fluid nature and in a bid to emulate it more realistically, EA has improved the attacking intelligence of AI controlled players in a bid to create a faster and more dynamic gameplay experience.

You will now be able to execute fast-paced attacking combos and launch quick counter attacks thanks to the new attacking intelligence system.

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