Daniel Winkel-Pedersen
Daniel Winkel-Pedersen Last updated / Published Jun 10 · 2020
5 Ways To Improve Your Gaming Skills Insanely Fast

Get ready for tips and tricks on how to improve your gaming skills rapidly! There are a bunch of factors that influence how good you can be at a video game. Stuff like your reflexes and hand-eye coordination are key to maintaining high-performance levels in most competitive games.

While improving your reflexes and hand-eye coordination would take quite a bit of time, there are a bunch of other ways to improve your gaming skills insanely fast, here’s a look at five of them;


Deliberate Practice

Think about competitive gaming like High School Math - Math has different topics and once you learn all those topics, you become good at Math.

In a similar vein, every competitive game has its own mechanics, once you learn those mechanics, you become good at the game.

Like with topics in Math, to truly learn those mechanics, you have to practice them deliberately.

In FIFA that could mean practicing skill moves or defending.

Once you focus on learning one mechanic at a time, you will experience exponential growth in your abilities and become a better player overall.


Play With or Against Better Players

Ever heard the saying “if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room”? - that quote essentially means that you should always surround yourself with people who are more skilled than you in a particular endeavor because in doing so, you’ll be able to learn from them and improve your own skill level.

That quote applies to many things in life, including gaming.

Sure it might be fun to consistently beat players you’re better than, but doing so won’t help you raise your skill level in the slightest - all it does is breed overconfidence, one of the worst traits a gamer can possess.

To experience a sudden spike in your skill level, you need to consistently play alongside or against better players.
After playing with better players for a little while, you’ll naturally begin to adapt to their play, making you a far more competent player than ever before.


Watch Pro Players On Streaming Platforms

Watching live streams allows you to see how a pro player reacts to different situations in real-time.

They give you a keen insight into a pro player’s mind, allowing you to learn their techniques and emulate their styles of play.

While you might not be able to replicate everything you see on stream, being able to internalize even just a little bit of what a pro does while on stream can lead to an exponential increase in your skill level.

You can typically find pro players streaming on Twitch, Mixer, and sometimes Youtube.


Work On Your Composure

The best gamers in the world all have ice in their veins. They’re able to maintain their composure in the midst of immense pressure, a trait that allows them to consistently perform at the highest level of their respective games.

Now, maintaining your composure is easier said than done but it is an essential part of taking your abilities to the next level, so if you want to improve your gaming skills fast, you need to work on your composure.

Some people find it easier than others to maintain their composure, but you can typically boost your composure by listening to calm and soothing music while gaming, or by meditating in your spare time.


Always Learn The META

The ‘META’ is a self-explanatory term - it translates to ‘The Most Effective Tactic Available’.

Learning the META for any game automatically gives you an incredible advantage over other players - it can be the difference between a win or a loss in a competitive game.

The META of most games tends to change after a new patch or update, so you should look to become a member of your preferred game’s community so you’re always aware when certain aspects of the META have been nerfed or buffed.

At GamerzClass we try to keep you up to date the most sought after games:


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