Daniel Winkel-Pedersen
Daniel Winkel-Pedersen Last updated / Published May 09 · 2020
5 Surefire Ways To Improve Your Reaction Time For Gaming

Don't you just hate it when this happens?

You are one of the last two left standing in a round of CSGO deathmatch. With all your teammates down for the count, you are searching for that stubborn surviving member of the opposing team to eliminate them. With incredible caution, you creep up the stairs to your left hoping to get a bird’s eye view of the area. But as you approach the vantage point, you catch a flurry of movement from the corner of the screen. Found you! Your fingers instinctively race to raise your AK-47 but before they get there, the mouse in your hand explodes in violent spasms as blood splatters across the darkening screen. You are dead.

So close! You had almost won the game. But alas, you were too slow in your response. If only it didn’t take so long for your brain to process stimuli. If only your reaction time was a little bit faster. Well, guess what? It can. And we will tell you how.

Exercise Regularly

Even if your metal reflexes were as sharp as a knife’s edge, it would all be for nothing if your muscles were feeble and untrained. That is why it is important to get in some form of exercise preferably at the start of the day or some hours before gaming. You can do the bare minimum just to get your heart racing - that includes jumping jacks, squats, jogging, and so on. Or you could go the extra mile and develop a daily routine that actively engages your muscle groups.

However, one part of the body you must focus on are the fingers. And yes, all ten of them. After all, they are what we use to push buttons, regardless of whether you use the WASD keys or a controller.

For starters, you can try squeezing hard on a tennis ball. Or any kind of ball that offers some measure of resistance. Make sure to clench your fist as tightly as you can around the ball for five seconds before letting go. Allow your fingers to rest for about three seconds before starting the cycle again. Make sure to complete a total number of fifteen sets before you stop. Doing this will render the muscles in your fingers less susceptible to strain which means that it will take a longer time before you start feeling that ache we all hate.

Another technique you can try is wrapping an elastic band around the five fingers on each hand. Try spreading them outwards as much as you can – but not so much that the band snaps – before slowly bringing them together again. Repeat this pattern ten to fifteen times before taking off the band. You can also try this method without a band if you cannot find any.

Keep Your Hands Warm

Think about this. Insects and animals move a lot less when temperatures are low than when they are average or high. Why? Because heat energizes molecules and we all are made of molecules. As humans, we are no different. Our hands most certainly aren’t. When cold sets in, we are less likely to be active, let alone have sharp reflexes. That is why it is vital to keep your hands from going frigid while gaming.

One simple way to do this is by rubbing your palms vigorously against each other at regular intervals. The friction generates a fair amount of heat to keep your hands warm while stimulating the flow of blood. You may also want to consider purchasing standard gaming gloves. Not only do they provide firm traction for your controllers and mice but they also preserve the heat around your palms. Just make sure that you do not wear them too tightly.

Drink Water...And Lots Of It Too

Although it varies from person to person, the human body is made up of at least 50% water and even the slightest disturbance in that composition will result in drastic effects on your performance. That is why during eSports competitions and live streams, you see many professional gamers reaching for a bottle of water every chance they get. And you should too. Because it matters.

Staying hydrated while gaming is every bit as important as winning, so be sure to keep a glass or bottle close by so you can quickly take a sip in between rounds. Caffeine, soda, or any other carbonated drinks should not be ingested as they dehydrate you – so try as much as possible to stay away from those while gaming.


Use High-Performance Equipment

You would not play soccer with a deflated ball, would you? Or even practice with one. And neither would you hop on cycle with deflated tires. In that same vein, you should never game with less than average equipment. This does not mean that you should break the bank buying high-end gear. You can still be on your best performance using everyday equipment that has been configured for efficient gaming.

As you sharpen your reflexes and reaction, it is pertinent to use gaming gear that can keep up with your heightened senses. Your monitors and TVs should have a maximum lag of 20 milliseconds – anything higher and you may always be one step behind the game. Also, ensure that they have an optimal refresh rate of 144Hz.

We also recommend that your mouse be large enough to fit comfortably in your palm and that the DPI settings be tuned to your preferences. And don’t forget your headphones. The best gamers are the ones who can fully immerse themselves in their play. You should opt for standard gaming headphones that can tune out the noise around you and seamlessly transport you to the world on your screen.

Practice, Practice, Practice...And Make Sure To Learn From The Pros

You must have seen this one from a mile off but it is the truth. The relentless practice is the surest way to improving your reaction time as a gamer. We recommend putting in two to four hours of playtime daily, just so that you don’t wear out your eyes and fingers. During this window, make sure to play every chance you get. Alone. With friends. With strangers online. On a different difficulty level or map. As you game, make mental notes of the areas where you are lacking and practice until you have synchronized your hand-eye coordination.

And of course, make sure to learn from pros who have mastered their art. You can observe your favorite streamers to learn how they respond to stimuli in-game or you can simply sign up for some courses. Ours here at Gamerzclass are taught only by the best players who have honed their craft in their games of specialty. After completing one, you can be sure of playing like a pro in little to no time.

So there you have it! Our proven strategies for increasing your finger speed as a gamer. They have worked for us over the years, so we are sure they will work for you too. Just be sure not to overwork your muscles during exercise and also observe short breaks when playing for long stretches for time. We can’t wait to hear your stories of improvement soon.

Want to become the best player version of yourself? Start reading our complete guide on how to become a better player!


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