Daniel Winkel-Pedersen
Daniel Winkel-Pedersen Last updated / Published Mar 12 · 2021
5 Reasons Why Pros Are Better Than You at Gaming

A lot of the time, the difference between a professional and an amateur is not as big as people think it is. Sure they can probably perform their skill 100 times better than the average person, but it’s also because they spend 100 times more time on it than you. And the same goes for gaming professionals & esports players. 

It’s a very rare occurrence that somebody just comes in, invests very little time and just crushes everybody with pure talent. So while not everybody can become Faker, what sets most pros apart from the average players is their routine and habits. 

Here are 5 expert habits pro esports athletes and gamers do that you probably don’t.

1. They Analyze everything all the time

The number one thing that professional gamers do to differentiate themselves is shifting their mindset to an over-analyzing one. Most of the time, pro gamers are taking an objective look at what is going on in their game in order to learn from it. They don’t just simply play games, but they also watch replays.

And it doesn’t stop there. They watch replays of their own games even when they win and when they lose. They constantly seek to understand what happened and why it happened regardless of the result. The more you know about the game the easier it is going to be to make a better decision in future situations and this is one way of learning more. 


2. Pros spend more time thinking and talking about the game

You will sometimes hear professionals say the way to get better is to play less. While that is true to some extent, that doesn’t mean they spend less time thinking about the game. The best players in the world are constantly thinking or talking about it even when they aren’t playing.

Talking with other pros about the game helps them develop new ideas and boosts their in-game creativity. Just as in real life, everybody has a different opinion and point of view so thinking and talking about the game allows you to gain a new perspective and insight that might lead to discovering some new strategies.


3. These gamers have a hyper-focused mindset

People who are really good usually develop a hyper-focused mindset to allow themselves to constantly improve on one thing at a time. It is a well-known fact that if you try to focus on too many things at a time it will result in a less efficient learning process.

Expert gamers are aware of this and always focus on one thing at a time. Having a good foundation of the basics is crucial before moving on to advanced mechanics. Hyper-focusing on only one aspect at a time will ensure that you master that faster and will remain engrained in your mind.


4. Always on top of the new trends

Another habit that gaming experts are doing to constantly stay on top is they are always keeping an eye on what is trending. They either watch other professionals to make sure their strategies are always up to date or they use certain software and 3rd party websites to measure and track efficiencies. 

Games are always changing and following the meta is a necessary action that the pros need to do in order to be ahead of the competition but that’s not always the case.


5. They maintain an open mind

Professional players who stay on top always do this one thing better than anybody else. They always keep an open mind and are quickly ready to change their playstyle if needed. The average player has a preferred playstyle and will stick to it no matter what. Sometimes that might work if the current meta fits, but if it doesn’t then this can lead to a significant drop in performance.

Some esports athletes are incredibly talented and they stand out because of it. But that’s only very few players like Faker, Miracle-, S1mple and a small handful of others. However, for the majority of top tier players, they stand out mostly because of the discipline and habits they have formed for themselves over the years.

Have plans on going pro? Start reading our guide on how to become a better player!


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