Daniel Winkel-Pedersen
Daniel Winkel-Pedersen Last updated / Published Mar 27 · 2021
4 Ways To Make Money From Gaming

Competitive gaming is one of the largest forms of entertainment in the world today, so much so, that it has eclipsed some traditional sports.

Here are some key facts about eSports;

  • As at 2019 the eSports space had an audience of over 450 million people around the globe, 200 million of whom are hardcore enthusiasts. By 2024 there are expected to be 577.2 million eSports viewers around the world.
  • The eSports industry is estimated to top $4.2 billion in the next six years by 2027, according to data bridge Market research.
  • Investments are up to $4.5 billion in 2018 from just $490 million the year before, a growth of 87% from the previous year.

Chances are, you have developed some mean skills in your favorite game and now you are wondering how you could profit from the millions this industry is currently raking in, well without further ado, here's a look at how you can make money from the competitive gaming industry;

Become A Quality Assurance Tester

Every game developer, therefore, wants to ensure their games have the right look and feel. In order to achieve this, game developers typically hire independent QA testers to play their games before they get released to the general public.

QA testers, don't have to play games at a competitive level - as a QA tester, your role will primarily revolve around identifying bugs and evaluating the general quality of a game. You'll essentially be getting paid to evaluate whether or not a game is bug-free enough to launch.

You can typically make $5 - $15 an hour as an independent QA tester, which isn't bad at all, considering you're pretty much getting paid to play games. 

Become A Professional Gamer

Gone are the days when gaming was "a waste of time". These days you can make a real living as a pro gamer.

Being a pro gamer revolves around competing locally and globally in tournaments that offer you an opportunity to win tens of thousands to millions of dollars.

It's worth noting that becoming a pro gamer is incredibly tough, but it can be incredibly rewarding if you get to a level where you're good enough to compete at the highest level.

Become a Streamer

Since the turn of 2010 the list of people who have become celebrities through streaming and making videos is endless.

If you're not keen on becoming a pro gamer, you can go down the content creator route and start streaming on Twitch or other streaming platforms.

If you succeed at building a following on Twitch, then you will be able to make a decent amount of money as a streamer.

Sponsorship and Advertising

In every industry that deals with media, sponsorship represents a key channel of revenue. In 2019, eSport sponsorship revenue stood at $457 million. Imagine getting just 0.1% of that as a content creator.

Big streamers like Ninja and Shroud are able to make millions of dollars each year from sponsorship revenues, but you don't need to be as big as them to make money from sponsorships. With just a relatively large and loyal following, you will be able to consistently rake in six figures in sponsorship revenue every year.


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