Daniel Winkel-Pedersen
Daniel Winkel-Pedersen Last updated / Published May 06 · 2021
4 Key Reasons Why You Need A Mechanical Keyboard

With PC gaming becoming more popular in recent times, there has also been a spike in the popularity of mechanical keyboards.  Here's a comprehensive guide on why you should consider getting a mechanical keyboard if you don't already have one;

Mechanical Keyboards are Sturdy 

One thing that many gamers complain about is the fact that their keyboards move around too often. It's very common to get into a "flow state" and start pressing your keyboard haphazardly while gaming, which can cause the average external membrane keyboard to constantly shift positions on your desk.

Generally, membrane keyboards are smaller and less firm than mechanical keyboards that are heavier and higher. Every key on a mechanical keyboard has its own switch, so it is only right that they are relatively big and sturdy. So, they won't cause any inconvenience by moving around your desk.

mechanical keyboard


Blind Typing

It isn't easy to play games without typing blindly. If you are using your keyboard for gaming, depending on the game, you would most likely have one hand on the keyboard and the other hand on the mouse.

Nobody wants to look away from their screen just so that they can press F5 or fn. Mechanical keyboards, to an extent, helps to type better without looking at your keyboard. 

People might argue that once you have a good knowledge of where all your keys are, it is pretty easy to type blindly. This is true, but we can't throw out the fact that mechanical keyboards make it easier.

Using a keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches or a Razer laser keyboard, you do not have to press all the way down before the keyboard eventually sends an electronic signal to your computer. The mechanism for mechanical keyboards is such that slight touch instigates input, and your computer responds immediately. 

Furthermore, because mechanical keyboards are bigger, there is enough space for each key. So, it is quite likely that while typing blindly, you won't mistakenly press the wrong key and cause unnecessary lag in your gaming. 

Reaction Time 

Generally, mechanical keyboards have better reaction times than membrane keyboards.

Many membrane keyboards, especially the wireless ones, tend to have input delays. But for mechanical keyboards, as soon as you press the key, there is a reaction on your screen. This means more kills, more wins, and better gameplay generally.

Personalized Experience 

Mechanical keyboards afford gamers the opportunity to choose from a myriad of options. The primary fundamental mechanical keyboard brand, Cherry, has different types of switches with different feels.

If you like to feel a tactile bump and hear audible clicks while gaming, you would go for the Cherry MX blue. If you want a tactile bump without an audible click, it is expedient to go for Cherry MX brown switches.

Cherry also has the Cherry MX red that does not have an audible click or a tactile bump. There are newer Cherry MX variations like the Cherry MX Red. So, for Cherry alone, there are different mechanical keyboards and switches to choose from. 

Going away from Cherry, other brands have arisen and are also making mechanical keyboards of similar quality as cherry. Some of these brands include Razer, Corsair, Gateron, and SteelSeries. These different brands have also produced some very innovative types of keyboards and switches that can help you enhance and personalize your gaming experience. 

In contrast to mechanical keyboards, membrane keyboards generally feel the same way. If you are tired of your membrane keyboard, the chances that you will like gaming with another membrane keyboard are low. It is expedient to switch to a mechanical keyboard once and for all. 

Final Thoughts 

From the points above, it is deductible that mechanical keyboards can significantly improve the gaming experience. Yes, they are expensive, but most gamers agree that the improved experience is worth it; this is evident from the rise in demand. If you are new to mechanical keyboards, you can buy a key tester and check which type of key switch best suits your needs. 

If you'd like to get your hands on a durable and comfortable mechanical keyboard we recommend you try out Shark Gaming's Venator Keyboard. Follow this link to get all the details about it.


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