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GamerzClass Admin Last updated / Published May 17 · 2022
GamerzClass joins forces with Metafy

Building GamerzClass has been a fairy tale amongst the stars, a fairy tale with a happy ending, and a fairy tale with a new beginning. That new beginning starts today. 

Today we are excited to announce that GamerzClass joins forces with Metafy.

(team photo of GamerzClass and a few folks from Metafy)
(Photo of the GamerzClass team and a few folks from Metafy, at the office located in Copenhagen)

Who is Metafy?
Metafy is the new kid on the block, they have revolutionized the experience of one-to-one coaching for coaches across 100+ games within the last year. Besides that, they want to be a difference-maker and role models in the community which is why they have put aside $1.000.000 to their community fund which community members can apply to, to make a dream come true.

What does this mean?
GamerzClass and Metafy have been flirting for a while. We have been wanting to do one-on-one coaching for the last two years and have had countless members ask when we would launch one-to-one coaching. We have been observing Metafy’s entrance into the gaming space with envy, and are utterly impressed with their technical level and amazing design. 

Likewise, Josh from Metafy has been hot on video courses since the birth of Metafy. As he looked at the competition and found GamerzClass it was a shock, a shock to see the organizations we work with, a shock to see the quality of our courses, and a shock to see the amount of content we produce compared to any other business.

So naturally, as we came together for a chat, we saw eye-to-eye and this would be the beginning of a new power couple. It was truly amazing to compare the two companies, people who never met each other before, sharing the same dream and the same vision for what the educational space in gaming can, and will be! We want to evolve gamers and help gamers make a living from video games!

Both Metafy and GamerzClass believe that courses will not be effective without one-to-one coaching and vice-versa, which is why it was inevitable to fight or join forces. And we are happy to say that we are stronger together.


(Two powerhouses joining forces with a common vision)

What will change?
Our ambitions are greater than ever! For now, GamerzClass will continue to be updated as we are building courses on Metafy. At one point in the future, GamerzClass will cease to exist, this is not sad, this is exciting! This means that we will build a next-level experience for all our members in our new home. If you have a GamerzClass membership today you do not need to do anything at all. We will make sure that the transition is smooth for all members.

Why is this awesome?
This will be a gamechanger for Metafy and GamerzClass! Together, we will be the best coaching and content platform in the world, in one unified experience. Our new business model allows content creators to earn 70% of all revenue generated from courses. We give more experts the opportunity to make a living in gaming while helping gamers achieve their goals. We are creating 40 new job openings in the gaming industry during the next 12 months. Think about The Rock and Jason Statham, alone, both are frightening individuals, together, a fearless breed you don’t dare to challenge.

GamerzClass and Metafy are merging. GamerzClass will continue to update over the next 3-6 months. Courses are launched on Metafy as a new next-level experience. If you have a GamerzClass membership you don’t need to do anything. This will be a new powerhouse and we promise to evolve gamers together and make a cultural change for the better.

If you want 50% off your first coaching session simply use this code: METAFY over at


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