Why FIFA Players Need Personalized Coaching
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Past a certain point, you stop noticing any real improvement in your play, from watching other pro players. When you get to this point, in order to take things a step further and break past your skill ceiling, you need one-on-one personalized coaching.

If you’ve watched competitive FIFA tournaments over the years, you’ll notice pro players typically have someone sitting right next to them, giving them information and analyzing their games in real-time.

The people who perform this role are coaches – and they are a big influence on a FIFA player’s skill level. 

Take Tekkz for example. Tekkz is arguably the best FIFA player in the world. He’s won a ton of pro tournaments, but a large amount of his victories have come alongside a FIFA coach by the name of Enzo.

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Enzo helped Tekkz refine his play to the point where he became the best FIFA player in the world. 

On his own, Tekkz was a magnificent player, but with Enzo by his side, Tekkz was the most dominant player in the competitive FIFA scene. 

The same way Tekkz benefitted from having Enzo as a coach is the same way you could benefit from having a personalized FIFA coach. A coach can help you discover the key weaknesses in your play, and work with you to strengthen those weaknesses.

For instance, if you struggle to defend on the flanks, a FIFA coach can help you get better at thwarting incoming attacks from the flanks. If you struggle to create clear-cut goalscoring opportunities against your opponents, a coach can help you improve your attacking prowess.

If you struggle to score free-kicks, a coach can help you refine your free-kick taking abilities.

A FIFA coach probably won’t turn you into the best FIFA player in the world like Tekkz, however, a FIFA coach can help you raise your game to a significantly higher level, allowing you to become the best FIFA player among your group of friends and allowing you to win at least 23 games every weekend league.

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