Benjamin Gunnarstein
Benjamin Gunnarstein Last updated / Published Apr 18 · 2022
TOTW prediction week 31

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Yet another TOTW squad will come to FIFA 22 at 6 PM UK on Wednesday. Some great offensive contenders this week but very few amazing defensive performances. We have looked at 11 players that we believe deserve a spot in TOTW 30. Let’s get into it!



Robin Zentner (80)
Due to the lack of great goalkeeper performances, this is the guy we have chosen for this week. A total of 3 saves, with 2 of them being very solid, a clean sheet kept, and a MOTM title. Even though he properly won’t be the primary goalkeeper, he should get a spot.



Bednarek (81)
A very impressive 1-0 win from Southampton against Arsenal on Saturday. The only goal being scored by this guy and since he is a defender, that should be enough for him to get a spot in TOTW 31, would be his first one of the year so far.

Jansson (81)
Brentford keeps their streak going with a 2-1 win away against Watford. Even though there are other potential candidates for this game, we believe Jansson will take it. A very solid goal from him and overall, a great performance.

Ricardo Rodriguez (81)
As mentioned above, we have very few great defensive contenders this week, so this guy has a shot. An assist and a MOTM title for him in Torino’s 1-1 draw against Lazio makes him a contender even though it is a bit shaky and far from a lock. 



Carrasco (87)
Atlético Madrid takes home another win to keep them in the top 4. This time against Espanyol with a 2-1 result. Both goals were scored by Carrasco with 1 being a penalty and overall, a very solid game from him. Another guy we should see feature on the TOTW, and a potential headliner upgrade as well.

Bruno Guimaraes (84)
Yet another win from Newcastle and this time a 2-1 win against Leicester. 2 goals scored by Guimaraes with one being a header, and a MOTM title for him. A player we are very likely to see in TOTW 31. Would be his first one of the year.

Mehdi Taremi (84)
Nothing less than a 7-0 win from Porto against Portimonense to make their 1st place in the League even more strong. 3 goals and 1 assist from this guy should make him a crystal-clear contender, and a lock-in TOTW 31. What a season he has had so far. 



Gerard Deulofeu (84)
A very impressive 4-1 win from Udinese against Empoli on Saturday with Deulofeu taking a big part in it. One goal and one assist along with a MOTM title definitely make him a contender for this week's TOTW. Could be his second one of the year.

Gerard Moreno (88)
This is a debatable one. Usually, 1 goal from an attacker is not enough, but since he got both the goal and an assist, he could get in. An important win from Villareal and a MOTM title for Moreno.

Håland (89)
A 6-1 win from Dortmund against Wolfsburg, what a game from the team. 2 goals and 1 assist for Håland, along with a deserved MOTM title. Another guy that we should see feature in the next TOTW. Would be his first TOTW of the year which is actually pretty crazy.

Ronaldo (93)
He is back! After a lot of disappointing games from Ronaldo and Manchester United in general, Ronaldo scored a hattrick to secure the win against Norwich. What a performance from him and definitely one that should make him feature in TOTW 31. We could use some more great TOTW players for our red picks, so let’s hope.


This is our prediction for this week based on the games played until Sunday evening. Let us know if you believe we missed any!

//The GamerzClass Team


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