Benjamin Gunnarstein
Benjamin Gunnarstein Last updated / Published Apr 04 · 2022
TOTW prediction 29

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Yet another TOTW squad will come to FIFA 22 at 6 PM UK on Wednesday. Finally, we are back to normal league football with tons of contenders this week. We have looked at 11 players that we believe deserve a spot in TOTW 29. Let’s get into it!



Muslera (84)
Our goalkeeper choice this week is Muslera. A clean sheet was kept in Galatasaray’s 2-0 win this weekend along with a MOTM title. He even saved a penalty to make it even more possible for him to feature in TOTW 29. 



Jonny (83)
Yet another impressive win for Wolves this season. Nothing less than 1 goal and a MOTM title for this guy in their 2-1 win against Aston Villa, should give him a spot in TOTW. Potentially his first one of the year.

Manuel Lazzari (84)
Another goal from a fullback this weekend. In Lazio’s 2-1 win against Sassuolo, Lazzari managed to score the first goal of the game which should make him a quite possible contender for a spot in TOTW 29.

Creswell (82)
What a performance from Creswell. An absolute banger directly on a freekick and a MOTM title should make him a crystal clear pick this week. Could get his first TOTW of the year and it would be well deserved



Gnabry (87)
1 goal and 1 assist for the german star in Bayern’s 4-1 win against Freiburg on Saturday. An absolutely amazing performance for him and definitely one that could get him featured in TOTW 29. Would be his second IF and an upgrade for his headliner card.

Diaby (88)
A very important 2-1 win for Leverkusen against Hoffenheim with 2 assists from Diaby. He got the MOTM title as well and has a great game overall. Could be his fourth IF, what a year he has had so far.

Laimer (84)
This one could be pretty close between Laimer and Nkunku. However, with 2 goals and 1 assist, we believe this guy will get the spot. A very impressive win from Leipzig away against Dortmund and what a performance from Laimer. 



Joao Felix (86)
What a performance from the wonder kid in Atletico Madrid’s 4-1 win against Deportivo Alaves on Saturday. Nothing less than 2 goals where one was scored on a header, and a MOTM title should be more than enough to get him a TOTW card. Could be his first IF of the year.

Sterling (91)
Once again, Manchester City gets the job done. In their 2-0 win against Burnley away this weekend, Sterling managed to get an assist on both goals along with a MOTM title. An absolutely brilliant performance, and one that could get him his third inform card of the year so far.

Kylian Mbappe (94)
He does it again. An absolutely insane performance from Mbappe in Paris Saint Germain’s 5-1 win against Lorient on Sunday. 2 goals and 2 assists from him and an almost secured spot in TOTW 29. Let’s hope he gets in for the sake of our red picks.

Jose Morales (84)
Finally a win from Levante after a disappointing season and a great one of the kind. A 2-0 win against Villarreal and both goals were scored by Morales. Should be another very likely contender for this week's TOTW.


This is our prediction for this week based on the games played until Sunday evening. Let us know if you believe we missed any!

//The GamerzClass Team

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